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Can freelancers do more by managing their Contacts?

Can freelancers do more by managing their contacts?

Freelancing comes with the benefit of being your own boss, but also, the struggles of having to circulate business and generate new clientele all on your own. In order to keep a strong flow of business, you need to expand your network and utilize your existing contacts for fresh opportunities, referrals, and introductions. Covve is […]

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Thank you to the EU Council for featuring Covve as one of Europe’s innovative SME’s

Word Map

Thank you to the Slovak Presidency of the Council of the European Union @eu2016sk for supporting the European Research and Innovation Ecosystem. We are honored to be featured as one of Europe’s innovative SME’s! The Slovak Presidency of the Council of the European Union presented a few of Europe’s innovative SME’s! Within this collection of thought […]

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Is Technology Pushing Us Apart?

Girl whispering to another girl

Not so long ago in the grand scheme of things, the majority of your communications would have taken place in person. And while the rules and customs no doubt varied from place to place, they probably hadn’t changed a whole lot until telephones became commonplace — then we had to come up with a new […]

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Why the Business Card Will Never Die

Business card

The business card is to the corporate world what sliced bread is to the average home — a staple. Walk into nearly any boardroom in the world and watch as the first thing you see is the trading of all-important contact information in the form of a small rectangle. If you ask someone why they […]

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Covvie’s adventures – Episode 2

Covvie relies on cold contacts…You’ve met Covvie in our first episode, remember? The business services professional, who is very passionate about his job? Yeap, he is back! He is still in search for a business tool to help him better manage his contacts and to help him find who he needs in the vast contact […]

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Oh my god! They killed Covvie!

Covvie's desk square

Episode 1: Covvie merges his contact books …Meet Covvie!Covvie is a business services professional. He is driven and passionate about his job.He maintains a *reasonably* well managed address book and he actively uses his friends and contacts to grow his business. Whether it is for sales, recruitment or closing a deal, Covvie has a contact that […]

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Introducing the Private Graph

 “If you’re not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late” (Reid Hoffman, LinkedIn founder) A classic quote but one I never really sympathized with. The first version of Covve, launched summer 2014, was awesome. Today’s Covve has evolved even more, since then, and finally delivers the vision. It doesn’t only […]

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Jumping off the career train

I come from a ‘railed’ background: I grew up comfortably, went to a good school, received good university education, secured a well-paid job, moved to a more challenging and rewarding job and then another and then… I QUIT – and let me tell you, I have never been happier. I will share with you some […]

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The address book will live on-but it has to change

The little black book is still alive

People have long talked about the death of the business card and yet the paper ornament lives on. Andrew Hill, in his recent article in the FT, persuasively debates that it will continue to exist. He also suggests an end to the contacts book. I beg to disagree. The little black book is still alive […]

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