The team

The Covve team is comprised of diverse, highly qualified, and driven individuals who bring collective experience across many sectors.

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Yiannis Gavrielides

Founder and CEO

The Dreamer
Entrepreneurship, banking & consulting. Foodie & theatre fan.

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Alex Protogerellis

Founder and CTO

The Man of very many hats
Product, tech & analytics. UAV pilot & BBQ addict.

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Christis Charalambous

Customer success

The Adapter
Searching, adapting, evolving. Windsurf, basketball, motorsports.

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Christophoros Tzirtzipis

Performance Lead

The Performer.
Hypothesizing, Analyzing, Advertising.

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Daphne Papaioannou

Content Marketing

The Researcher.
Creating, adapting, publishing, analyzing.

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Michael Asimakopoulos

Software Engineer

The Craftsman
Avant-garde development. Carnivore & 3d printing obsessed.

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Zafeiris Malafouris

Software Engineer

The Riddler
Algorithms & clean code. Tennis, basketball & travel.

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Manolis Koufidakis

Software Engineer

The Wrench
Clean code, refactoring and performance optimization & rock 'n' roll.

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Iason Asimakopoulos

Software Engineer

The Rationalist
Front end, algorithms, curious, not a cat person (or a dog person).

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Stefanos Anagnostou

Software Engineer

The Coding Beard
Bug-free code. Beers. Lots of beers.

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Vasilis Christodoulou

Software Engineer

The QuietPower
Networks, algorithms and optimizations. Travel, camping and a cat person.

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Giorgos Kokkinis

Software Engineer

Code, speed chess, powerlifting, and more speed chess.

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Philip Waever

UX / UI Designer

The Workhorse
A consistent experience is a better experience.

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Apostolia Michael

Customer Care

The goal digger
Exploring. Learning. Connecting. Photography & Music always in the air

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Theo Middleton

Business Advisor

The Fixer
Entrepreneurship, investments & law. Motor head & keen skier.


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This project is co-funded by the ERDF as part of the Funding Scheme for Entrepreneurial Innovation of the Cyprus Ministry of Energy, Industry, Commerce and Tourism (selection number