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7 Tips to Simplify Contact Management Software

It’s been a while since contact management software has saved companies from declining sales. Improper contact management results in plummeting transactions, and everyone who runs an enterprise knows how risky it can be for business health.  Statista predicts that the market for international customer relationship management will grow to $40.26 billion in size in 2023, […]

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Using Technology to Get Recruited

​The traditional recruitment process has certainly earned innovative and dynamic competition from tech-driven solutions. Brands looking to attract tech-savvy, digital-native talent from Millennials and Gen Z need to meet that talent on the platforms and in the digital spaces where they spend their time. Employers are using advanced tactics such as artificial intelligence, mobile apps, […]

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Networking for People Who Hate Networking

“You are cordially invited to a networking event. Wear your best business clothes and bring your A-game. It’s time to make a good first impression!” If you’ve been working in the professional world, there’s a chance you’ve received an email invitation like the one above. You know the game: there’s an event for up-and-comers that’s […]

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