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Doug Lester
Doug LesterCareer Strategist and Coach
A better system for MBAs and executives to manage their network
Maintain Your Job Search Momentum: The Key Insider Tip from an MBA Career Coach
How to Make Networking Less Awkward - with Covve

Discover strategies for growing your business

Mo Bunnell
Mo BunnellCEO & Founder of Bunnell Idea Group
Drive business growth through relationships
The math behind building better relationships
Staying Connected: The Science & Strategy Behind Effective Follow-ups

Develop excellent social skills for personal growth

Prof. Robin Dunbar
Prof. Robin DunbarEvolutionary Psychology prof. at Oxford
Wired to Socialize | Forging relationships in the workplace
Wired to Socialize | Entertainment as a Foundation for Relationships
The Impact of In-person Interactions in a Hybrid Work Environment

Engage with thought leaders in live workshops

Hansen Hunt
Hansen HuntCovve community leader
Cultivating Authentic Connections in a Remote Work Environment
Healthy Habits of Connection
Prioritizing Your Social Health

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