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Can College students do more for their future by networking?

College is all about your future, and everything you do in college is about preparing you for what you will do after you graduate. An important part of this preparation that many college students forget to capitalize on is networking. College is one of, if not THE best place to build your network. And in today’s competitive society, it’s never too early to start developing your own personal network of contacts that will help you elevate your future career.

Take a look around, because your friends, professors, and advisors will turn out to be invaluable assets for many years to come, providing you with a source of valuable referrals, insights and future business opportunities. Just imagine the benefit of staying in touch and personal with these people you meet in college – priceless.

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How Covve helped improve the sales efforts of an Insurance sales agent

As an Insurance sales agent, part of my job is to be constantly on the road and therefore, using my phone as my main tool of communication. Being in sales, I was in desperate need for an efficient way to help me stay more organized when it came to my means of communicating. When I came across Covve, I was instantly hooked. I immediately fell in love with the In Touch feature and how well it helped keep me organized.

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Can freelancers do more by managing their Contacts?

Freelancing comes with the benefit of being your own boss, but also, the struggles of having to circulate business and generate new clientele all on your own. In order to keep a strong flow of business, you need to expand your network and utilize your existing contacts for fresh opportunities, referrals, and introductions.

Covve is a contact management app helping freelancers manage their contacts and seize opportunities that are hidden before their eyes, right there, in their cell phone.

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Is Technology Pushing Us Apart?


Not so long ago in the grand scheme of things, the majority of your communications would have taken place in person. And while the rules and customs no doubt varied from place to place, they probably hadn’t changed a whole lot until telephones became commonplace — then we had to come up with a new set of customs for this new kind of communication. But even then, most of our communication would be with people we’d already met, even if long-distance phone lines let us talk to them at a great distance.

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Why the Business Card Will Never Die


The business card is to the corporate world what sliced bread is to the average home — a staple. Walk into nearly any boardroom in the world and watch as the first thing you see is the trading of all-important contact information in the form of a small rectangle.

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Introducing the Private Graph

 “If you’re not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late” (Reid Hoffman, LinkedIn founder)

A classic quote but one I never really sympathised with. The first version of Covve, launched summer 2014, was awesome – it brought a valuable service and a unique design and was underpinned by some pretty complex clever stuff. So, sorry Reid, I was justifiably proud of what we’d achieved.

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Jumping off the career train


I come from a ‘railed’ background: I grew up comfortably, went to a good school, received good university education, secured a well-paid job, moved to a more challenging and rewarding job and then another and then… I QUIT – and let me tell you, I have never been happier.

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