How Covve helped a University student take control of networking

Covve helps student take control of networking

As a 2nd year University student, the stress of balancing my studies and planning for my professional career is very real! I can see how everything I do in University is about preparing me for after graduation, and nothing is more important than networking. University is one of, if not THE best place to build a network. Friends, professors, and advisors will turn out to be invaluable connections for many years to come.

The importance of networking was embedded in my mind as soon as I entered University, but reality struck me the first time I walked into a career fair. Like most, I went in with bubbling excitement of making connections, but with no plan on how to make the networking process effective and the connections long-lasting.

It wasn’t until my business professor introduced me to Covve that I came across it, and pretty much attached to it. Covve seamlessly led me to structure my networking process, helped me optimize my contacts, and most importantly facilitate the crucial follow-up activities.

To get started, instead of storing all the information manually, I now use Covve to scan business cards, and obtain contact details including name, job title, and email within seconds!

Moreover, I set specific tags for each contact, such as “networking recruiters” or “company reps”, to help me quickly identify and categorize contacts.

Where it all comes together though is in the follow up. There’s much more to do besides showing up to a career event and getting business cards, and one of the biggest differentiating factors is how I follow up and stay in touch with key connections.

Covve’s “in touch” feature helps me make those connections warm and long-lasting. Covve takes charge and suggests when I am losing touch with an important contact, reminding me to reconnect!

What makes Covve an addictive tool, is that it gets better the more I use it! It holds all relevant information for each contact, including the communication log and notes. That way I have a full picture of the communication history and I can be better prepared and ready to impress every time I communicate with a key contact!

Updated on 31 Oct 2017.

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