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Best CamScanner Alternatives

Following the ban of 59 Chinese apps by the Indian government on June 30th, many users are left looking for alternatives to their favorite apps, including CamScanner, the popular business card scanner; and by the looks of things, CamCard may be next in line. If you are looking for the best CamScanner and CamCard alternatives […]

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Covve’s commitment to privacy and security

The privacy and security of our users’ data is a top company priority. Our team takes significant measures to safeguard user data. We follow best practices in process and control and in the choice and architecture of our solutions, undertake regular 3rd party audits and commit to a stringent privacy policy in line with GDPR.  […]

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When Covve Scan met SalesRabbit

Fact is that agile field sales organizations can benefit from employing their sales reps with mobile technology. As mobile capabilities scale, the agile field rep becomes more powerful, gaining from increased technological functionalities. With that being said, we are pleased to announce our collaboration with SalesRabbit. Founded in 2013 by former door-to-door rep Brady Anderson […]

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Covve featured in

Covve Personal CRM

We are excited to be featured in CRM.ORG in an in depth review highlighting our value propositions. Some great excerpts we love: “Under the hood, Covve is an incredibly smart platform thanks to its leveraging of top-shelf proprietary AI. And yet, on the slick surface of things, Covve looks and functions like nothing more complicated than […]

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Covve: the first company to be awarded the Innovative SME Certificate in Cyprus

Innovative SME certificate Cyprus

We are proud to be the first company to be awarded the Innovative SME certificate in Cyprus in recognition for our continuous investment in research and development.    The company Covve revolutionises the way people network. It packages an advanced contact and relationship management platform in a simple-to-use contacts app. Covve is being used by thousands […]

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Why you should be using a personal CRM

Personal CRM

Customer Relationship Management systems are being used by leading companies across the globe to convert leads into sales. So, it comes as no surprise that the CRM market is the biggest and fastest growing software market, estimated to be worth more than $80B by 20251. However, despite the fast proliferation of CRM solutions, 75% of […]

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Three secrets to succeed on Product Hunt

Product hunt secrets

Being hunted on Product Hunt can be quite a milestone for a new company or product. Often people will spend a significant amount of effort to make sure they “succeed” when they get featured. There are dozens of articles out there imparting wisdom, tips and hacks for preparing in advance, optimizing your launch day and […]

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Covve Featured on FitSmallBusiness


We are excited to be featured on FitSmallBusiness under their CRM category.  FitSmallBusiness is a leading digital resource for small businesses, providing the information they need to succeed. They conduct extensive research including trying out products, talking to business owners and interviewing industry experts. We are exited to have been selected and featured in FitSmallBusiness, […]

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“PwC tells new staff they can choose what hours to work”

PwC - Getty images

Accountancy giant PwC has launched a scheme that allows some new recruits to work the hours they want.” BBC, 30 August 2018. Read the article.   Article served by the Covve News Engine Covve News searches more than 150 news sources to find the most relevant news affecting your contacts and serves it to you, curated and […]

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NewsWatch review: Our experience working with NewsWatch at MWC2018

NewsWatch Review

  We are an early stage startup, about to attend the Mobile World Congress 2018, invited by no other than Deutsche Telekom (T-Mobile), through their accelerator company Hubraum. Aiming to make maximum impact on our visit to Barcelona, we were tempted when we received an email from NewsWatch promising extensive TV airing and a generous […]

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