How Covve helped improve the sales efforts of an Insurance sales agent

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As an Insurance sales agent, part of my job is to be constantly on the road and therefore, using my phone as my main tool of communication. Being in sales, I was in desperate need for an efficient way to help me stay more organized when it came to my means of communicating. When I came across Covve, I was instantly hooked. I immediately fell in love with the In Touch feature and how well it helped keep me organized.

Most of my contacts are either current business relationships, or future prospects, and in this business, you need a balanced way of keeping constant communication without being too intrusive. In Touch allowed me to do just that. By letting me set the appropriate communication frequency for each contact, my efficiency as an agent sure improved. How? Very simple: It helps me better plan my workweeks, and I am always reminded of when I’m losing touch. Now that I’m using Covve, keeping up with my contacts is practically done for me.

What was really exciting was when I started adding notes for all of my communications. This way, they are organized, and all in one place. I am reminded who to get in touch with, I get to review my previous call notes and I can make a call with all the necessary info at hand! Downloading Covve basically gave me something I always wanted but never had: A personal assistant that works seamlessly and sticks with me on the road. My own, personal CRM!

Updated on 08 Aug 2019.

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