How To Stay Motivated And Productive While Working Remotely

  Working remotely sounds like all fun and games. There is that freedom of working without a boss checking on you, no commuting, and wearing what you want. People tend to be more productive than working in an office. According to studies, 75% of people are as productive or even more, during COVID-19 while working […]

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Why You Need A Smart Address Book Now More Than Ever

If there is an app that you must have on your phone now, more than ever before, then it is a smart address book. We are in a pandemic that limits social interactions and promotes remote working. This means that you can never meet up with people for coffee, attend events, conferences, and swap business […]

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How to Scan Business Cards and Save Contacts on Your Smartphone

  You are decluttering your office. You find several business cards of your prospects that you would wish to save on your phone. If it is one or two business cards, you can enter them manually on the phone. But what if there are many? You will need a better solution that saves time. This […]

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How to Find blocked Contacts on iPhone

  Some calls are bothersome and at times you are obliged to block these contacts on your iPhone. You may block them because you don’t want to talk to them at the moment or your relationship with them has reached a breaking point. Whichever the trigger, people choose to block disturbing contacts. However, the situation […]

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How to Backup and Restore Gmail Contacts

  With Android phones, you can automatically backup and restore them in Gmail contacts. When you purchase a phone or do a factory reset, you have to sign in using an email address. The email address that you sign up with is what Google will use to save your contacts. With Google contacts, the backups […]

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Virtual Event Tips And Ideas To Grow your Network

More businesses than ever are recognizing the merits of virtual events in 2021. Even without social distancing and working from home, virtual events offer organizations the opportunity to reach huge audiences, offering lectures and seminars unconstrained by physical space. Thanks to low infrastructural costs of virtual events you can engage the best speakers, delight your […]

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What Is the Best CRM For Realtors?

  As a realtor, you will always have many leads to manage and prioritize. You will have different information about each client and the worst thing you can do is be disorganized and miss out on any information that will help with you sell. You need to have all your contacts well- organized, to improve […]

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How to Sync Google Contacts to iPhone 12

Apple released the iPhone 12 at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, but the pandemic couldn’t stop people from getting to the Apple store to purchase the sleek phone. You could be among these people who have upgraded to iPhone 12 or switched from Android to iPhone 12, and you want to sync your Google […]

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4 Good Questions to Ask When Networking

  Let’s start by asking, how many times did you find yourself in an awkward situation that was dominated by small talk? A pointless conversation that could not add any value to its participants. Not to you, not to the others. See, this is a usual phenomenon in networking events, corporate meetings, and every other […]

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How to Stay in Touch with Your Network with The Best Personal CRM App

  Are you struggling to network at this age of social distancing? If there is something that we have learned from the year 2020, it is the importance of change and keeping in touch with people. Companies have adopted remote working, and HR professionals have embraced remote staffing. On the other hand, people are embracing […]

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