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How AI Can Help You Network Like a Pro (Episode 179)

The Jeff Bullas Show, hosted by digital marketing expert Jeff Bullas, serves as a platform for exploring the experiences and insights of thought leaders, industry experts, innovators, and entrepreneurs. In a recent episode, Jeff interviews Yiannis Gavrielides, co-founder of Covve. 

Their conversation reveals the profound significance of personal and professional relationships and how they form the bedrock of success. The two explore Yiannis’ career path, navigating Covve from its inception to its evolution today, and the recurring theme and pertinence of relationships in success.

A Peek at Yiannis Gavrielides and His Career Journey

Yiannis Gavrielides embodies a passion for connecting with people, taking up the duty of the pitmaster and enjoying good food, and is an avid theater enthusiast. Hailing from Cyprus, a close-knit community, he understood from an early age the value of forging connections and nurturing relationships. 

It was customary among his peers to pursue higher education abroad, leading him to London, where he embarked on a journey of studying chemical engineering. He places emphasis on his direction in being practical and analytical, in which his degree also served the purpose of opening doors to career opportunities.

His career began in management consulting at a large firm in London, where he realized the importance of building relationships to better understand the people he worked with, and how to offer more precise value to his clients. He later pivoted to strategy consulting, in which his duties were more removed from interacting with people. That is when he realized that what truly fuels his professional passion is the human element: the art of engaging with people, building trust, and fostering genuine connections.

The Birth of Covve 

Yiannis’ professional journey took an unexpected turn when he relocated to Athens in 2009 in the aftermath of the 2008 global financial crisis. His once rapidly ascending career trajectory began to plateau. It was during this period of reflection and uncertainty that he reconnected with a childhood friend, setting in motion a series of entrepreneurial ventures spanning theater, F&B, and technology. 

Through these diverse experiences, one common thread began to emerge – the profound impact of relationships.

Yiannis realized that the trust among peers, colleagues, and friends he had meticulously cultivated throughout his career had been the cornerstone of his achievements. Relationships, both personal and professional, are the lifeblood of entrepreneurship. However, what struck him was the conspicuous absence of relationship-building as a core skill in the corporate world. Networking, often viewed with skepticism, lacked the emphasis it deserved.

Driven by this insight, Yiannis embarked on a mission, along with Covve co-founder Alexandros Protogerellis, to create a platform that would facilitate the development of healthy relationship-building habits. Thus, Covve was conceived.

What is Covve? 

Covve is not merely another run-of-the-mill networking platform; it helps people focus on each individual relationship, giving meaning to each interaction and connection. At its essence, it leverages cutting-edge technology to assist users in managing their relationships, both personal and professional, allowing for extensive personalization.

Its arsenal includes a business card scanner, a digital business card, and what is essentially a personal assistant for your networking efforts. Covve empowers users to make personalized notes about their contacts, categorize them based on interests and hobbies, and curate a network of individuals that truly resonate with their goals and passions.

How AI is Harnessed to Enhance Relationships

Adding to Covve’s features is the seamless integration of artificial intelligence (AI)  to create Covve’s Assistant. Users can simplify emails with our AI-powered assistant instructing it in natural language to take notes on a recent conversation, save a new contact, add a reminder to reach out and so much more. This creates an intuitive, seamless interface, allowing users to save time and better manage their network with minimum effort.

With Covve’s AI assistant, users can personalize emails based on previous interactions and instructions with natural language to keep the conversation going, removing uncertainty and hesitation in communication.

For example, users can email their AI assistant using natural language to save a new contact and all of their relevant details into the app, summarize emails, and add them to the notes field in Covve. This allows for more efficient record-keeping on interactions and increases users’ time to continue cultivating relationships.

The Profound Importance of Relationships 

Yiannis’ journey and the creation of Covve underscore the immense value of relationships in both personal and professional spheres. In entrepreneurship, success often hinges on the strength of our relationships. Building trust, nurturing connections, and sustaining robust networks are prerequisites for achieving one’s aspirations. 

When asked for his advice for young entrepreneurs, Yiannis stated that they should be “proactive in building relationships. As Professor Robin Dunbar notes we can sustain 150 actively engaged relationships, they should not be random, but they should be purposefully nurtured.”

Covve’s evolution from a nascent idea to a versatile platform catering to personal and professional relationships reflects the universal need for effective relationship management. Users span diverse backgrounds, yet they share a common objective – recognizing the value of relationships and seeking an efficient system for cultivating them.

Your network should serve as a wellspring of strength and support. Covve transcends being a mere app; it is a steadfast companion on the journey of personal and professional growth through the power of relationships.

Written on 03 Oct 2023.

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