Staying Connected: The Science & Strategy Behind Effective Follow-ups

In the third episode of their insightful partnership, Mo Bunnell, the renowned business growth expert, delves into the crucial aspect of follow-up. This episode builds upon the learnings from previous installments, emphasizing the significance of implementing systematic approaches to maintain and nurture professional relationships.

Before delving into the art of follow-up, Covve’s partnership with Mo Bunnell recalls the valuable lessons from earlier episodes. These lessons taught us how to connect both virtually and physically, setting the stage for the next phase of relationship-building mastery.

The Science of Connectedness

The first part of the discussion delves into the science behind building lasting connections. It is all about creating a sense of connection by simply being likable. A concept that holds true since 1876, known as the “mere exposure effect,” suggests that exposure to something or someone over time increases our liking for them. This phenomenon forms the foundation for building relationships.

Connections Wane Quickly

Collaborating with researcher Marissa King, viewers learn of an eye-opening statistic: 80% of the feeling of connectedness between two individuals fades away after just three months since their last interaction. This underscores the importance of systematic follow-ups in maintaining relationships, as the saying goes, “out of sight, out of mind.”

Creating a System for Effective Follow-Ups

In this video, viewers explore three key factors to enhance their follow-up strategy:

  1. Prioritized Contact List: Begin by documenting a list of your most important relationships. Who are the key contacts you want to stay in touch with, and how frequently should you engage with them? Our minds are notoriously inefficient at managing these processes, so consider using tools like Covve to keep track of and prioritize your contacts effectively.
  2. Asset List: Develop an asset list that highlights your shared interests, be it board games, barbecuing, gardening, whisky, sports, or any other topics, hobbies, or passions. Use this list to create and share valuable content such as articles, videos, books, or blog posts that resonate with your contacts.
  3. Time Management: Schedule dedicated time in your calendar for reconnecting and staying top of mind with your contacts. Be proactive in your outreach efforts and stick to your scheduled system.

Simplicity is Key

Bringing the three factors together, it is critical to remember to keep your communication simple. In an age where most people read emails and messages on their phones, concise and clear messages are more likely to receive prompt replies. Challenge yourself to convey your message effectively with brevity.

Mo Bunnell’s insights, coupled with Covve’s expertise, provide a roadmap for effective relationship-building in the modern business landscape. Remember, relationships are the cornerstone of success, and by implementing systematic approaches and staying top of mind, you can harness the power of connections to drive business growth.

For more valuable insights, visit and continue your journey toward building stronger, more profitable relationships in your professional life. Keep an eye on Covve’s insights to never miss the best relationship-building practices, tools, tips, and guides.

Updated on 01 Sep 2023.

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