How To Transfer Documents from CamScanner to Alternative Apps after India Ban

  CamScanner is a Chinese-based mobile app that allows iOS and Android devices to be used as image scanners. Due to recent developments, CamScanner has been banned in India. Hence, the existing files which have been scanned in the application cannot be shared since the ban of servers. However, there are still ways to transfer […]

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How To Transfer Documents from CamScanner to PDF to Excel following the Indian Ban

  CamScanner was built from the ground up to be used for scanning documents and receipts. It is a Chinese app built to support Android and iOS devices. It allows users to scan documents by taking a photo with the device camera and shares the photo as either PDF or JPEG. The app is based […]

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How To Transfer Documents from CamScanner to Google Drive Following the India Ban?

  On the 29th of June the government of India released a list of 59 Chinese apps including CamScanner which have been banned in the country citing data and privacy issues. The Indian government added that the apps are “prejudicial to the sovereignty and integrity of India, defense of India, security of state and public […]

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How To Delete CamScanner Account following India Ban of Chinese Applications?

  CamScanner is a Chinese application preferred by many Indian users when it comes to scanning documents with the help of a smartphone. Camscanner is developed by INTSIG Information Co. It allows both iOS and Android devices to scan images and documents. The scanned images can be shared in the form of JPEG or PDF. […]

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How to Import Contacts from Google Drive to Mailchimp?

  Mailchimp allows it’s users to widen the audience they can reach through campaigns by allowing contacts to be imported from Google Drive to Mailchimp. Here’s a step-by-step process to help you import contacts from Google Drive to Mailchimp: Step 1: Go to Mailchimp Audience First, go to the Audience tab. Now, in case you […]

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How to Share Your Location with Trustworthy Contacts on Android

  Sharing your location with trustworthy contacts on Android is a smart step and not creepy.   A feature such as sharing your location with trustworthy contacts has made life convenient for all technology users. Think about the numerous benefits that sharing your location has in your life and in the life of your friends […]

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How To Organise Your Wallet

  So you finally decided to invest in that fancy designer wallet. It looks great and it feels great to carry it around. And you have promised yourself that you will never let it get messy and cluttered. But slowly and surely, random items start to accumulate in there. A few extra cards, some loose […]

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How to Organize Contacts in Mailchimp?

  Mailchimp continues to be one of the best email marketing automation tools you have at your disposal. And, combine that with to ability to intelligently organize your contacts on Mailchimp, you have a recipe for success. So, let’s understand how you could organize your contacts better on Mailchimp. First, you must familiarize yourself with […]

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How to Share Your Location with Trustworthy Contacts on iPhone

  Sharing your location with your contacts on iPhone is certainly not a creepy move. In fact, it’s smart given they are trustworthy contacts. Sharing your location with your trustworthy contacts on the iPhone is an extremely easy step and one that has many advantages too. Think about the numerous ways you will be able […]

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iPhone Contacts Missing – How to Fix

If you are an avid phone user, chances are you have come across a frustrating bug on your phone before. A very common one with iPhones is contacts disappearing for no apparent reason. If you check online forums, you will find complaints from a lot of iPhone users concerning this issue. If you are having […]

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