How to Successfully Follow Up After Networking

  With good networking, you get to stay on top of the industry trends. You also advance your career with the new opportunities it presents. You can network through connecting with other industry leaders online or attending networking events, seminars, and other business functions. That said, the initial networking stage of striking conversations and making […]

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Why is Professional Networking Important?

  Networking is all about building and nurturing mutually beneficial relationships with people you meet online, in person at the coffee shop, or when attending work conferences, you name it. The main goal of networking is establishing and nurturing a professional network of people. People that you can not only learn from but also be […]

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How to export contacts from Android phone

Thinking about switching devices or are you simply worried about losing contacts and need an offline backup just to be safe? Whatever your reasons for wanting to know how to export contacts from an Android phone, we’re here to help! If you want to export your long contact list, then we suggest using Export Contacts […]

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How to Save/Export Your Android Contacts to a Csv or Excel File

  Having your smartphone contacts backed up can be very useful. If you need to add the details to a database or even if you somehow managed to delete everything, a backup can be a real lifesaver. In this article, we’ll show you how you can Export your Android Smartphone contacts and images to either […]

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What is Relationship Management?

  Relationship management is vital in the current business landscape if you want to appeal and retain customers like never before. This explains why businesses are pulling massive resources to fortify their relationship management systems. While plenty of businesses are seeking to exploit it, many do not have a crystal clear understanding of what relationship […]

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How To Have a Successful Interview and Stand Out

  Anyone can get into an interview, but few manage to stand out and emerge triumphantly. While many things define the success of an interview, the bigger part is determined by you. Before an interview, you rush to polish things and make sure every vital aspect is streamlined. However, a matrix of things needs to […]

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Should Your Small Business Use Digital Business Cards?

  Digital business cards are taking shape and giving the business landscape a new way of sharing personal information faster. While big businesses are tapping into the benefits of digital business cards, many small businesses are still lagging. Most small businesses are used to paper cards. No wonder many are still yet to make that […]

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Networking Events Post COVID: What Should We Know?

  Although COVID is not yet gone, it is important to note that networking events post COVID won’t change dramatically. With people trying to minimize contact and leverage the digital space, there is no reason for virtual networking events to slow down post-pandemic. The success of networking events would not simply be dictated by the […]

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Clever Networking Questions to Make a Great First Impression

You might have heard that you never get a second chance at a first impression. During networking, you will naturally ask questions to get desired information about the target. It, therefore, goes without saying that you need to ask clever networking questions. If they don’t tick the boxes, your networking attempt can hit a snag. […]

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How to Successfully Network During a Virtual Networking Event

  The motivation for attending a virtual networking event is to connect with potential customers, business partners, or even potential friends. While scores of people don’t find attending a virtual networking event a hard nut to crack, the crux of the matter is that creating that network proves tricky to many. With virtual networking events […]

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