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How to Scan Business Cards into Google Contacts

Exchanging business cards is part of everyday life for many business people, but what to do with them all? It can be tricky remembering whose card is who, and inputting details into your contacts can be very time consuming. Thankfully, there are a few simple options for scanning contact details into your Google contacts.

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How to Scan Business Cards into Excel

Having a stack of business cards in hand can make looking for that one contact very frustrating, especially if you’ve recently been to an event and came back with a stack. For those looking to avoid collecting paper and creating waste, using a digital business card scanner is the way to go and exporting in […]

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How To Import Contacts To Outlook 2016

Still one of the most popular desktop mail servers, Outlook 2016 is a user friendly option to manage your emails. If you’re migrating to Outlook 2016 from another mail server, or setting up your mail client, this is the simple way to import your contacts.

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