How to Effectively Sell as a Real Estate Broker, Utilizing your Network?

The world of real estate is tough. All around the globe, property shifts hands between one business and another, with offices opening and closing every day of the week. Recent times have put added pressure on an already stressed sector, leading to massive changes across the entire real estate industry.

To stay at the top of your game as an agent, you have to be one step ahead of your environment at any given time. How do you do this? You use the technology you have available to give yourself the edge. In addition to utilizing the tech you have at your disposal; you can also rely on the most underestimated real estate brokers’ tool out there…their Human Resources.

The Importance of Networking in the Real Estate Business

2020 has brought some serious changes across all areas of industry – but Real Estate has had an especially turbulent time. The arrival of Coronavirus has thrown everything into the air, with most industries in a complete recession.

While everyone thought the market would crash, the resultant conditions saw massive growth in the sector when the market opened back up. While all of this goes on, those of us who are desperate to see a piece of the real estate pie are frantically reaching out to contacts. Why? Because your network is the best way to find properties to buy, rent, or even find people to sell to.

In the world of Real Estate, every single contact you make will help you seal the deal at the end of the day. A typical real estate network will include buyers, sellers, potential and past clients, those who rent, landlords, foreign investors – you name it, and you will find it there. Your network should be ever-expanding, too, and inclusive of a diverse range of people all of which can help you out with a name or a number, a tip, or a trend. In this business, the more you know about the local area – the better… and that all comes down to how good your contacts are.

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How a Personal CRM and Contacts App Can Help

One of the best things you can do to grow and maintain your network is to let a personal CRM app help you. Covve is a smart address book app that can keep track of your network and will automatically send you news affecting your contacts so you know to reach out and stay in touch. Did their company expand to a new location recently? Get notified so you can suggest property in that region when they eventually move.

Equally importantly, the app allows you to add location, tags and notes to each contact to help you recall important details that will help you close a deal. Add a note about someone’s family status so you can reach out with some bigger property suggestions when their family is expanding. Make use of the latest in contact and CRM technology to keep you as an elevated player in the real estate world.

When you use Covve, you can be constantly connected to the clients that matter most. What are you waiting for? Contact transparency is only a few clicks away. Download Covve for free here.

Written on 27 Nov 2020.

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