How to Easily Clean Up Your Smartphone’s Address Book

When did you start using a smartphone? Years back, right? Since then, you have saved many contacts. Some contacts are outdated, others are duplicates, and others may have empty entries. It is time to clean up your contacts. Keep reading this article and learn how to clean up your smartphone’s address book easily.

Delete Contacts

One way to clean up your phone’s address book is to delete the contacts manually. Tap on the contact that you want to remove and tap on the “Delete” contact button. You can also select several contacts and delete them instantly.

Merge Duplicate Contacts

If you browse through your contacts, you will notice that some contacts are duplicated. The number could be the same but saved differently.

All you need to do is merge them.For Android users, use Google contacts to search for duplicate contacts. You need to sign in using your Gmail account that you use to sync your contacts. Search for “Merge & Fix,” view the duplicate contacts, and merge contacts. Find more information on how to merge duplicate contacts by clicking the link.

On the other hand, iPhone users can click here to find out how to merge duplicate contacts on iPhone.

Remove Sync from other Accounts

You could be having unknown contacts or duplicate contacts because you have allowed several accounts to sync contacts. You can solve that quickly.
Go to your general smartphone settings and check the Accounts that you have synced. Uncheck the Contacts sync from the other email accounts and leave one Google account. By doing so, you will prevent the other Google accounts from synchronizing other contacts you do not want from sites like social media apps or Skype.

Organize Your Contacts using an App

The easiest way to handle your contacts is to organize them using the Covve app, a smart address book. Covve allows you to group contacts by adding custom tags. By grouping the contacts, you can easily delete a specific category such as “Non responsive” and keep your contacts clean and updated. With Covve, you can also edit contact details, add notes about your last interaction with a contact, and add a reminder to make it easier to plan your next call. Moreover, you can delete contacts carefully because it allows you to confirm if you want to delete contacts.

Wrap Up

Cleaning or organizing your contact list is vital so that you do not carry along contacts that are not in use on every phone. An organised, updated contact list can prove vital when business networking too!

Covve offers you a unified platform to delete unwanted contacts, edit contacts, and organize them easily. You can download Covve here for Android or iOS and enjoy the experience of cleaning up your Smartphone contacts in no time!

Written on 08 Jan 2021.

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