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How Can I Change My Number Without Deleting Whatsapp

  For a good number of reasons, you may want to change your phone number and that is completely fine. Sometimes, this process can be more complicated than usual, especially when your WhatsApp account is involved. This creates the problem of finding a way to successfully change your number without having to lose your WhatsApp.

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How to Know If a Number Is Spam or Real?

  On a daily basis, around the world, the number of reported calls from spam numbers keep climbing to an alarming rate. The thought of this doesn’t sit well with you and many people out there, too. Maybe you have even thought of possible ways to give your smartphone immunity against spam calls.

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How to Find WhatsApp Contacts

  As an increasing number of people continue to join the WhatsApp bandwagon, the number of contacts you have on WhatsApp are multiplying. Having many contacts on your WhatsApp may present the problem of having trouble to find a specific contact, whenever you desire to initiate a conversation.

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