What Is the Best CRM For Realtors?


As a realtor, you will always have many leads to manage and prioritize. You will have different information about each client and the worst thing you can do is be disorganized and miss out on any information that will help with you sell.

You need to have all your contacts well- organized, to improve your productivity. A personal customer relationship management (CRM) app comes in handy to ensure you stay organized and have the right information for each client. It also ensures that you remember to stay in touch with prospects. So, what are really the benefits of a personal CRM app for Real Estate, and what’s the best app for you?

Benefits of Having a CRM app As Realtor

Why should you use a CRM app? Here are the main advantages of using a CRM app as a realtor.

  • Centralize your contacts: You will always have your contacts in one place, on your smartphone, where you can keep track of your leads.
  • Organize your Contacts: CRM apps, like Covve, allow you to organize contacts according to different customized tags. It will be a lot easier to distinguish your leads and track your progress with them.
  • Know when to call: With a CRM app, you can set reminders of when and why to reach out to your leads. As a result, you will not miss any opportunity and you will eventually maximise your sales.
  • Nurture Relationships: When using a CRM app, you can easily maintain and nurture your relationships with your clients, as well as get referrals. According to the National Association of REALTOR statistics, 41% of sellers who used a real estate agent found their agents through a referral by friends or family, and 26% used the agent they previously worked with, to buy or sell a home!


Covve, the Best CRM for Realtors

Managing your leads and building long-term relationships with your clients has never been this easy. Covve is a smart personal CRM app that’s here to make networking easy. This app allows you to do all of the basic contact management you need, and then so much more, for free! When you have an important call to make in the coming weeks that you do not want to forget, you can easily set reminders, so you never lose touch. Also, after making a call with your prospect, you can add important notes about your conversations, so you never forget any details that could close that deal.

Furthermore, Covve is powered by AI and it has an accurate scan that recognises up to 30 languages. This scan allows you to digitise the business card to have all your contacts in one place digitally.
Just as importantly, the app allows you to add location, tags and notes to each contact to help you remember important details that will help you close a deal. Add a note about someone’s family status so you can reach out with some bigger property suggestions when the family is expanding. Find out more on How to Effectively Sell as a Real Estate Broker, Utilizing your Network by clicking the link!


To stay on top of your game as a realtor, you need to have a personal CRM app that can do the work for you, so you can focus on what’s important. When you use Covve, you can be constantly connected to the clients that matter most. Better deals are only a few clicks away. Download Covve for free, here.

Updated on 09 Jul 2021.

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