How to Nail Networking After Covid


It is no secret that COVID-19 has disrupted the norm and forced us to rethink our business networking approach. With the rampage showing signs of subsiding, businesses are pulling strings to find effective ways on how to create and expand their network after COVID. If you own a business or at the helm of decision-making, this article gives you the best guide on how to nail networking post-COVID.

Attend Virtual Networking Events

One of the first networking resorts for scores of people is virtual networking events. This move gathered momentum in the early phases of the coronavirus pandemic. People hastily moved into various video conferencing platforms to avoid being left behind. Be one of them.

Attend virtual networking events that align with your goals. Before you sign up for an event, check the event’s theme to align with your goals. To nail virtual networking events, ensure you participate in discussions. Give the organizer your full bio details. Capture participants’ contact details like their social media handles, e-Cards, and contact numbers so that you nurture relationships after that.

Use Covve App

Unlike virtual networking events, the Covve app offers a platform to intelligently connect, engage, and create meaningful networks for your business. This amazing relationship management tool provides a wide array of ways to help transform how you engage and connect with your contacts.

When you install the Covve app, it automatically syncs with all your existing contacts. It doesn’t stop there. This address book allows you to add new contacts, say those you acquired during virtual networking events. You can save your connections with their job title, additional contacts, country of residents, and industry among others. Moreover, you can share your virtual business cards with your contacts via this app no matter how far away you are. Covve, also makes sure you never lose touch with your contacts by providing you with News affecting your network and great excuses to reach out.

Get Covve Scan

While Covve makes it easy to engage and network with your contacts, Covve Scan, the intelligent business card scanner by Covve lets you seamlessly move into contactless and paperless networking. You still need to stay safe even post- Covid. That is why apps like Covve Scan are life savers.

Covve Scan, scans business cards using an AI-powered scanner and accurately digitised your contact’s details in seconds. You can scan as many business cards as you can and get the digital equivalent in no time. You can proceed to add any extra information about the contact or even integrate the scanner with a personal CRM app for the ultimate contact management experience.. This makes you contactless, paperless and safe at the same time.


Bottom Line

This guide is a no-brainer, apps like Covve and Covve Scan are the holy grail solutions to nail networking after COVID. Don’t hesitate. Don’t let distance make your network weaker. Pull a trigger and download the Covve app and Covve Scan to immensely transform the way you network, engage, and manage your contacts.

Updated on 25 Aug 2021.

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