How to Stay in Touch with Your Network with The Best Personal CRM App


Are you struggling to network at this age of social distancing? If there is something that we have learned from the year 2020, it is the importance of change and keeping in touch with people. Companies have adopted remote working, and HR professionals have embraced remote staffing. On the other hand, people are embracing new ways to connect with people to explore opportunities, seek jobs and maintain relationships. According to Jobvite’s 2020 Job Seeker Nation Report, most workers found out about job openings through professional connections (31%) and friends (45%). This shows that there is power in networking during the pandemic and you must do it too. So, how do you keep in touch with your network?


Use a personal CRM App

Covve is one of the personal CRM apps available in the market that ensures that your network efficiently manages your contacts. With the Covve app installed on your phone, you can access your existing contacts and label them as clients, colleagues, friends, prospects, or any other custom tag you want. It will enable you to differentiate between family and professional contacts so that you don’t confuse contacts while making a call.

Another thing about the Covve app is that you can utilize reminders to define how often you want to contact a person. As you set reminders, you can add notes on what to talk about, events, or special occasions about the person you want to contact. When the set time and date come, you will get a reminder. Awesome, right? Besides, you can also scan the paper business cards of your prospects and convert them to digital business cards within the app. This personal CRM app is a smart address book that sends you news related to your contacts to know what is affecting them or their companies.


Look for New Ways to Engage

When networking, you need to invent new ways on how to stay in touch with your contacts. What if you share related news or reports with them? If you have a personal CRM like Covve, it is easy because it curates news that your contacts are interested in Google. Therefore, you can send them and it will spark conversations. Be innovative!


Be Authentic

Although you may be seeking to explore opportunities through networking, do not make your communications transactional. Strive to know someone and build a good relationship with them.


Staying in touch with your network is so much easier when using a personal CRM app like Covve. You will be able to manage your contacts, make notes, utilize reminders, and scan business cards. Download Covve for Android or iOS, for free, now!

Written on 30 Jun 2021.

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