How To Import Contacts To (former Hotmail)

How To Import Contacts To (Hotmail)

Since its launch in 1996, Hotmail has been one of the most popular email clients. Hotmail is now dead and is the new name. In its new skin, it offers many new features including Skype chat and cloud file sharing, which are very useful if you have your contacts in Importing your address […]

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How to Create an Outlook Contact List

Here at Covve, we think that it is imperative for you to learn how to organize your outlook contacts into separate lists, especially if you have a lot of them. You could create one for your family, one for your business and one for your classmates. For Outlook, contact groups are not the same as […]

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How to Recover Deleted Contacts in Android

Your list of contacts is definitely one of the most valuable items on your Android phone. It contains contact details of family members, friends and people from work. Sometimes, these contacts can go missing on your phone, and it makes for a really horrible experience. It could happen when you were trying to root your […]

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Android Contacts Missing – How to Fix

Did the contacts on your Android device disappear for no apparent reason? Perhaps you don’t have a backup for them and are beginning to panic. It’s understandable. Your contacts list is definitely one of the most important things on your device. It’s how you get in touch with loved ones, friends and business clients. Put […]

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How Does Data Privacy Work With Sites Using Facebook Login

With privacy issues on the rise, today we look at how does privacy work with third party sites using Facebook login! When signing up for an account with certain companies (and social media sites like Instagram or Pinterest) you are given the option to sign up with a Facebook account. This saves you the hassle […]

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How to Control My Facebook Profile Privacy

Changing your Facebook profile privacy is straightforward enough, and after recent privacy problems with the social network behemoth, there will be more changes making it even simpler to control your privacy settings. If you want to edit who can view your profile, who can send you messages or even what kind of information is shared […]

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How to Create a Contact Group in Outlook

The need to send emails to a group arises both in our personal lives and our businesses.  if you belong to a project team or committee at work, you may need to send an email to the group or you may need to send emails to your immediate family members. Whatever your reason might be, learning […]

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How to Recover Deleted Contacts in iPhone

One of the most commonly asked questions by iPhone users is if they can recover their deleted contacts. Accidentally deleting phone numbers can be a huge nightmare. It could happen when you format your device, lose your backup, or click on a wrong button. Whatever the cause, bringing back lost contacts can be a real challenge. […]

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How to Create Gmail Contact Group

There’s one prominent phenomenon in this social media age: there are groups everywhere we turn. We have groups on Facebook, we have groups on WhatsApp, it’s now for you to learn how to create a group on Gmail. This saves you from the tedious process of picking out email addresses one after the other. You […]

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How to create a Contact List in Gmail

As far as email clients go, Gmail seems to be one of the most used and most preferred.  If you are an avid email sender, you will often find yourself needing to send multiple people an email at once. Sending multiple people and email is a tedious process, but lucky for us, there are tools […]

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