How to Import Contacts from your Phone to Microsoft Teams?

Importing contacts from your phone to Microsoft teams allows for collaboration without the hassle of segregation through your long list of contacts. If you want to import contacts from your phone to Microsoft teams, here are the steps you can take: Step 1: First, navigate to the Microsoft Teams’ admin center. Now, click on Voice, […]

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7 Tips to Simplify Contact Management Software

It’s been a while since contact management software has saved companies from declining sales. Improper contact management results in plummeting transactions, and everyone who runs an enterprise knows how risky it can be for business health.  Statista predicts that the market for international customer relationship management will grow to $40.26 billion in size in 2023, […]

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How to Sync with a Third Party Service on Microsoft Teams?

In Microsoft teams, you have the power to enable synchronization with third part services or third party apps. If you do so, the entire team/organization should be able to use currently installed third party services or install new ones and begin using them. Here is the step-by-step procedure that you can follow to sync third-party […]

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How to Sync with a Third Party Service on Zoom?

Zoom app allows you to sync with a third party service. In simple terms, it means that you can connect or sync the use of Zoom with other applications such as Contacts or Calenders. For example, syncing Zoom with contacts allow you to view your list of contacts in Zoom from where you could place […]

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How to Find Contact Information for Spotify’s Playlist Curators?

In order to build your brand on Spotify, it is important that you find Contact information for Spotify’s playlist curators and take suitable action from that point forward. Here’s a simple 4 step process you can follow to do the same: Step 1: First off, you would want to find some Spotify employees on Linkedin. […]

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How to Set-up Emergency Contacts on iPhone?

Today, setting-up Emergency Contacts on your iPhone 11 is as much a way to ensure your safety during unsafe times as it is to remember your loved ones who you most often turn to. It is just another way to have a list of people in the back of your memory, who would respond during […]

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How to Import Contacts from Your Phone to Zoom?

Fact is, with stay–home culture taking over, COVID–19 is giving Zoom a huge surge. It’s important now more than ever to optimize the app’s functioning and your convenience alike, by importing contacts from your phone to Zoom. This should allow you to not only view your contacts on the Zoom app but also enable you […]

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Using Technology to Get Recruited

​The traditional recruitment process has certainly earned innovative and dynamic competition from tech-driven solutions. Brands looking to attract tech-savvy, digital-native talent from Millennials and Gen Z need to meet that talent on the platforms and in the digital spaces where they spend their time. Employers are using advanced tactics such as artificial intelligence, mobile apps, […]

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How to Sync Gmail Contact Groups with Android

Did you recently switch to a new Android phone and forget to save your contacts on your SD card? Would you like to keep the contact groups on the Android device in synchronization with your Google account? Are you tired of exporting/importing your Android contacts and would prefer a perfect solution for handling your contacts […]

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How to Import a Contact Group to Outlook

Having a distribution list in Outlook is very important. With it, you can send one message to multiple people all at once. Sometimes, you could have an already existing distribution list that you would like to make use of in Outlook. You shouldn’t have to start recreating it from scratch. You can just import it. […]

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