How Can a Relationship Management Software Improve Your Time Management Skills?

Time is an essential asset in any business. Once you lose time, you can never get it back. Juggling between various responsibilities can be daunting and draining. For this reason, you need relationship management software to help manage your time, keep track of your sales and offer your customers a unique experience. A CRM will also help you organize and prioritize your opportunities and ensure your teams collaborate well with each other. This article will discuss how relationship management software can improve your time management skills. 

Easy editing of contact details

You might find yourself in a situation where you need to make a few changes to your lead’s personal information or delete unwanted data. Covve enables you to make changes directly within the contact card without tedious processes. You remove duplicates, edit, and archive contacts.

Ability to export your contacts to Excel or CSV

Covve makes it easy to export your contact to Microsoft Excel or a CSV format directly into your management software for further processing. The importing process is fast and straightforward, enabling you to save precious time and focus on more pressing matters.

Manage relationships

A good relationship management software lets you know the right time to get in touch with your contacts and sets smart reminders so that you won’t forget. Covve comes with a built-in system that highlights contacts you are losing touch with so that your relationship does not go cold. Moreover, the news engine keeps you abreast with news affecting your contacts.

Scanning of business cards

Modern technology has enabled experts to develop CRM tools like Covve with a built-in AI-powered business card scanner. All you need to do is take a clear photo of the card, and in a matter of seconds, the card details will be recognized. Business card scanners enable you to pair your contacts with their corresponding card details and add important notes, tags, and locations for easy access.


Want to take your contacts management to the next level? The Covve App will get you organized and make sure you stay in touch with your network. With smart reminders to get in touch and easy tools to keep notes on each person, you’ll never mess up your CRM game!
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Updated on 28 Mar 2022.

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