What Digital Tools are Significant in Business Entrepreneurship?

Digital tools have made it easier for small and big businesses  to thrive. For your day-to-day activities, you will need specific digital tools to help your business stay afloat, enable you to communicate efficiently with your customers, and help your business grow. As you are well aware, starting a business is not easy, and you will need all the help you can get. This article will tackle the various digital tools that are significant in business entrepreneurship.

Website builder

Your business needs to have a well-designed website that you can use to relay information about your brand and your products. A website shows your existing and potential clients that your business is legitimate. If you are not tech-savvy, a website builder like Wix, GoDaddy will help you develop a clean website that is mobile optimized and easy to navigate. Please don’t forget to invest in a website performance monitoring tool to track how visitors use your website, such as Google Analytics. This digital tool will help you determine how to increase the performance of your website, and what could be done to optimize it.

Social media manager

Today, most of the population uses social media to interact with and promote their favorite brands. For your startup to thrive, you need to maintain a consistent online presence on all of your social media accounts. Some social media management digital tools you can use are Hootsuite, Sprout Social Buffer that will help you engage with your clients, answer their questions and post relevant content to your social media accounts.

Virtual private network

If you think that only large corporations are the main targets of cyberattacks, think again because about 40% of cyberattacks are against small businesses. A VPN is an essential digital tool that will mask your identity from hackers and malware when using public Wi-Fi. Having VPN will protect your employees and business when using public Wi-Fi.

Customer relationship manager

You will also need a customer relationship management tool like Covve, which prevents your close relations from going cold and help you stay organized by centralizing your essential data. Covve also keeps you up to date with news affecting your contacts, giving you an excuse to start a conversation.


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