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How to Turn Off Data Sharing With Third Party Apps in LinkedIn

Linkedin is great for keeping in touch with your professional network, but as with all social media models, it does rely on monitoring your interactions beyond its own pages. If you’re not too keen to share your Linkedin data with third party apps, especially after the Cambridge Analytica – Facebook saga, you can deactivate it […]

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How to Convert OLM To PST File Format

If you’ve been using Outlook for your emails on a Mac and you’re switching to a Windows PC, you’ll find that they aren’t cross compatible. The OLM format used by Macs needs to be converted to a PST file format for use on Windows machines.

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How Does Privacy Work With Sites Using Facebook Login

When signing up for an account with certain companies (and social media sites like Instagram or Pinterest) you are given the option to sign up with a Facebook account. This saves you the hassle of filling out your details and instead just uses the Facebook data to populate your new profile. Easy! Plus you don’t […]

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