How to Segment Contacts for a Successful Marketing Strategy?

  Segmenting your contacts is the first and foremost step you must take to ensure the success of your marketing strategy. But why so? Because each and every segment behaves and acts very differently. And the communication systems and channels designed for one market segment might be highly irrelevant to the other one. For example, communicating to a younger generation through the use of mobile might be more productive than an older generation, because the younger generation is more prone to spending extra time on their phones. Having said that, there are 2 ways in which you can segment your email contacts for more effective communication: 1)Demographics and Psychographics: By Demographics ad Psychographics, we simply mean features and characteristics of different segments of consumers such as age, income, gender, hobbies, etc.  
  Segmenting your target audience through demographics and psychographics can be useful as they help you to group individuals based on similar characteristics and behaviors. And hence, communicate to each segment through systems and means most likely to produce the desired result. For example, a high ticket sale is most likely to occur within a high-income segment than a medium or low-income one. 2) Position in the Sales Funnel Of course, different stages in the sales funnel demand different types of segmentation and different types of marketing campaigns.  
  A buyer in the awareness stage of the funnel should be targeted with campaigns most likely to increase awareness and consideration of the brand. While on the other hand, a regular customer of your brand should be targeted with campaigns that offer him/her special discounts or offers in order to strengthen a long-term relationship. One type of segment requires an awareness-building type of campaign, another a relationship-building type of campaign, all depending upon his stage in the sales funnel. Once you incorporate these segmenting practices into your marketing campaigns, you should be able to better organize and target your communication messages. Because in the end, the better organized and managed your systems are, the better results you tend to produce. Similarly, if you would like to enhance the functioning of your mobile and contacts, we have designed an app for you to better manage systems and improve efficiency for you. Click this link to find out more!

Updated on 27 May 2020.

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