How to Recover a Deleted Contact on WhatsApp

It is common for people to lose important data, like contacts, on their smartphones. Most times, it’s non-deliberate actions that lead to losses like these or it could be that you intentionally deleted a contact from your WhatsApp, and for some reason, you now need it recovered. Regardless of the situation you find yourself in, […]

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How to Refresh WhatsApp Contacts on iPhone

After installing WhatsApp on your iPhone, do you see numbers instead of the names of your contacts? Are there contacts that should be on your WhatsApp contacts list that can’t be seen or accessed? Sometimes, iPhone users face problems like these. These issues can be frustrating and can make communication through the app stressful and […]

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How to Add Contacts on Skype

Skype is one of the most known, and widespread, programs for communication on the Internet. Using Skype, you can send and receive text messages, call landline and mobile phones, make voice and video calls. So what better place to maintain a contacts list. One thing you must do to enjoy Skype’s limitless networking benefits is […]

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How to Export WhatsApp Contacts

You must already know about the increasing popularity of WhatsApp in today’s world. As technology and social media continue to advance and flourish, there is an increasing need for people to stay connected. To make sure you don’t lose connections that you have built over time, finding a reliable method to save your contacts is […]

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How to Save Whatsapp Contacts to Your Computer

It’s possible that most your online conversations happen via WhatsApp, as it is arguably the most popular instant messaging App. For you and quite a number of others, it becomes imperative to have a copy of WhatsApp contacts saved. This is to prevent contacts from getting lost for good in the event of an accident, […]

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How Can I Hide My Whatsapp Account from My Unwanted Contacts?

It is not uncommon to have contacts on WhatsApp that you would rather not have. Once you create a WhatsApp account with your number, it becomes quite easy for any person who has that number to send you messages via the app. If you consider this a breach of your privacy, you are not wrong. […]

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How to Copy WhatsApp Contacts to Phone

You are not alone if most of your online conversations happen via the WhatsApp, as WhatsApp is arguably the most popular instant messaging app out there. It therefore becomes imperative to have a copy of your WhatsApp contacts saved. This is to prevent  contacts from getting lost for good, in the event of an accident […]

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How to Sync Your Android Contacts with Whatsapp

Do you have WhatsApp installed on your Android device? Judging by present-day trends, it is quite likely that you do and you will need the contacts on your Android device synced to your WhatsApp to make the most of it.  Unlike iPhone, adding contacts on Android phone to WhatsApp is super easy. This is  because, the app […]

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How to Sync your Android Contacts with Viber

If you have Viber installed on your, then you already know how great the app is for instant messaging – that is assuming you have all your contacts readily available on it. Don’t worry if you don’t, it’s easy to get it done. When you install Viber on your smartphone, it will request permissions to […]

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How to Export WhatsApp Contacts to Gmail

If you use WhatsApp for a lot more than just chatting with friends, chances are that you understand how helpful the app can be, in the more professional aspects of your life. Staying in touch with clients and business colleagues via WhatsApp is increasingly becoming a common practice. The many benefits of WhatsApp, are a […]

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