Networking Insights from an Investment Banking Professional – A discussion with Chris DeFalco

Chris DeFalco - Covve Interview

In the fast-paced world of investment banking, cultivating meaningful relationships is the linchpin of success. For Chris DeFalco, an investment banker at Oppenheimer and Co, this cultivation has become second nature. Specializing in raising capital for small-cap technology and consumer businesses, Chris dives into the immense value of connections.

Our team recently had the opportunity to learn how Chris approaches networking. He shared the importance of maintaining and deepening connections, not only in his professional life but with family and friends as well. From business development to family gatherings, every interaction is an opportunity to build and strengthen relationships.

In the world of investments, it is critical to keep in mind that numbers do not mean much without the value they create for people. Understanding what people want and need is a skill that is forged in the consistent efforts of cultivating lasting relationships.

Chris shares that in the professional sphere, networking is not just a means to an end. It is an opportunity to learn, grow, and add value. Similarly, on a personal level, robust networks of family and friends are invaluable and serve as the bedrock of support systems.

To make the most of every interaction, professionals require systems to make the process more fluid. Similarly, Chris felt the need for a tool that could assist him in this endeavor. That’s when he discovered Covve.

Covve stood out to Chris as a game-changer. Rather than insisting on aggressive outreach, he favored our application for providing proactive prompts, gently nudging DeFalco to stay engaged with his network. This approach resonated with his own relationship-centric perspective, enabling him to keep his interactions authentic and meaningful.

With group messaging, tagging, and note-taking capabilities, Covve seamlessly integrated into his daily life and workflow. Whether it was months since his last conversation with a contact, he could effortlessly pick up where they left off, making interactions feel more personal. He could move beyond a generic “happy birthday” or “congratulations,” infusing every communication with a personal touch.

Learn how a personal CRM such as Covve empowered Chris to bring intentionality into his networking efforts and focus on the quality of relationships. Ultimately, his experiences illuminate that in investment banking, as in life, it’s about making meaningful connections and adding value to others’ lives.

Updated on 23 Aug 2023.

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