10 Advantages of Digital Business Cards Over Their Physical Counterparts

Forming relationships and staying in touch with your contacts is much easier with supportive technological tools such as digital business cards, or e-cards. Rummaging through your desk to find that one contact’s business card, forgetting yours on the way to an event, and having to print a new card as your credentials change are troubles that belong in the past, along with paper business cards.

Since Covid-19, a great portion of business is done online, as well as interactions with colleagues, clients, and prospects. To be more specific, in 2022, 30% of business in the US took place online. When you are in an online meeting, or exchanging contact information virtually, sending multiple links to social media profiles and websites can be bothersome. With an ecard, however, all of your profiles, websites, and portfolios are consolidated into one location, ready to share.

Digital Business Cards’ 10 Powerful Upgrades

If you’re not yet convinced that digital business cards are worth it, we’ve prepared a list of ten advantages that they have over their traditional counterparts:

  1. Easily shareable: Digital business cards can be shared instantly via email, messaging apps, social media, or QR codes, making it convenient to distribute your contact information to a wider audience. Say you are in a Zoom meeting and would like to instantly connect with people you have met, you can add a scannable QR code in your email signature or your background, which directs them to your ecard.
  2. Cost-effective: Traditional business cards can be expensive to print in large quantities and require reprints when details change. Ecards eliminate printing costs and can be updated easily, saving you money in the long run. With Covve, you can create your ecard for free, gaining access to faster exchange of information. A single card with all of your profiles and links, and you are equipped with a “wow” factor at all times.
  3. Eco-friendly: Rather than a paper business card, their digital counterparts reduce environmental impact by eliminating the need for paper production and waste. For reference, research in 2018 indicated that 10 billion business cards were printed in the US annually, and an estimated 88% of paper cards were thrown out in under seven days of acquiring them. The eco-friendly nature of ecards reflects consumers’ growing demands for sustainable products.
  4. Multimedia support: With an ecard, you can consolidate all of your social media profiles, your website, and multimedia elements like images and videos and share them with a contact with just one click. They enable you to showcase your portfolio, products, and services more efficiently and directly.
  5. Enhanced design options: Contrary to traditional business cards, digital versions offer more design flexibility. Here at Covve, we take pride in our in-house design team that offers various design iterations for you to choose from. You can incorporate interactive elements and personalized branding to create a visually appealing and memorable impression. In a recent case study comparing some of the leading digital business card solutions, Covve won in several categories, including design for its extensive and comprehensive iterations tailored to a business’ needs or those of an individual.
  6. Personalization and customization: Ecards can be personalized to cater to different clients and occasions, and can include your logo and an appropriate color palette that is on-brand. You may have a more business-purposed ecard, and another that is for your personal life, allowing you to represent yourself as you choose to without a hassle.
  7. Analytics and tracking: With ecards, you can track the number of views, clicks, and interactions to gain insights into how effectively your card is being utilized and to measure its impact on your networking efforts. By analyzing and tracking your progress, you can gain a better understanding of the value you gain and create from your networking endeavors, enabling you to visualize your journey.
  8. Easy updates: Whenever your contact information or business details change, updating an ecard is quick and simple. There’s no need for reprinting and redistributing new cards, ensuring accurate information is always available to your contacts.
  9. Greater organization: Ecards allow you to store and organize contact information conveniently on your phone, tablet, or computer without the need for physical cardholders or manual data entry. Pairing Covve’s personal contact relationship management (pCRM) tool with your ecard helps to create a habit of staying in touch through personalized reminders, notes, and better organization of contacts.
  10. Improved accessibility: Unlike paper business cards, their digital counterparts can be accessed from anywhere as long as there’s an internet connection, ensuring that your contact information is readily available to friends, colleagues, and clients, even if you don’t have physical cards on hand.

Create Your Own Digital Business Card Today

Digital business cards streamline contact sharing, eliminate printing costs, and provide easy updates. Their sustainable nature aligns with the eco-friendly direction that the world is shifting towards and favoring. With multimedia support and customizable designs, they make a memorable impression. 

Explore Covve’s digital business card today found in both Android and iOS, entirely free, and experience more intuitive and dynamic networking.

Updated on 13 Jul 2023.

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