How to Share Your Location with Trustworthy Contacts on Android

  Sharing your location with trustworthy contacts on Android is a smart step and not creepy.   A feature such as sharing your location with trustworthy contacts has made life convenient for all technology users. Think about the numerous benefits that sharing your location has in your life and in the life of your friends […]

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How To Organise Your Wallet

  So you finally decided to invest in that fancy designer wallet. It looks great and it feels great to carry it around. And you have promised yourself that you will never let it get messy and cluttered. But slowly and surely, random items start to accumulate in there. A few extra cards, some loose […]

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How to Organize Contacts in Mailchimp?

  Mailchimp continues to be one of the best email marketing automation tools you have at your disposal. And, combine that with to ability to intelligently organize your contacts on Mailchimp, you have a recipe for success. So, let’s understand how you could organize your contacts better on Mailchimp. First, you must familiarize yourself with […]

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How to Share Your Location with Trustworthy Contacts on iPhone

  Sharing your location with your contacts on iPhone is certainly not a creepy move. In fact, it’s smart given they are trustworthy contacts. Sharing your location with your trustworthy contacts on the iPhone is an extremely easy step and one that has many advantages too. Think about the numerous ways you will be able […]

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iPhone Contacts Missing – How to Fix

If you are an avid phone user, chances are you have come across a frustrating bug on your phone before. A very common one with iPhones is contacts disappearing for no apparent reason. If you check online forums, you will find complaints from a lot of iPhone users concerning this issue. If you are having […]

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How to Set-up Emergency Contacts on Android?

  In today’s word, setting up emergency contacts on your Phone can serve a plethora of benefits. It does not only help you access contacts you might need quick access to during an emergency situation that requires urgent attention but also helps you organize and manage your mobile efficiently. Think about it, when you are […]

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How to Add Contact Widgets to Android?

  Adding widgets to your Android Phone is an extremely easy and convenient process. These widgets when added to the home screen, allow you to perform a plethora of functions from the convenience of your Home screen without having to access the applications through the menu. For example, you could place a call to your […]

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How to Encrypt Contacts on Android?

  Encrypting your Android is a process slightly different than encrypting your iPhone, essentially because of the difference in operating structures of these phones. However, it is essential that you encrypt your Android phone. In fact, in today’s world, it would be extremely hard to look around and find an owner of an Android Phone […]

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How to Export Outlook Contacts to vCard

In Outlook, there’s no specific feature dedicated to exporting contacts as vCard files. To achieve this goal, will require some effort- but not to worry, you do not need any 3rd party tools for this. Outlook provides users the option of forwarding contacts as vCard . To make use of this option, navigate to Contacts […]

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How to Merge Contacts in Mailchimp?

  Merging contacts on Mailchimp can in some situations, boost the productivity of your email campaigns. Whether you realize that the audiences you choose to merge exhibit similar behaviors or respond positively to similar campaigns, merging can save you time, energy, effort and perhaps even boost conversions. Here is how you can merge Contacts or […]

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