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Why You Need A Smart Address Book Now More Than Ever

If there is an app that you must have on your phone now, more than ever before, then it is a smart address book. We are in a pandemic that limits social interactions and promotes remote working. This means that you can never meet up with people for coffee, attend events, conferences, and swap business […]

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Virtual Event Tips And Ideas To Grow your Network

More businesses than ever are recognizing the merits of virtual events in 2021. Even without social distancing and working from home, virtual events offer organizations the opportunity to reach huge audiences, offering lectures and seminars unconstrained by physical space. Thanks to low infrastructural costs of virtual events you can engage the best speakers, delight your […]

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4 Good Questions to Ask When Networking

  Let’s start by asking, how many times did you find yourself in an awkward situation that was dominated by small talk? A pointless conversation that could not add any value to its participants. Not to you, not to the others. See, this is a usual phenomenon in networking events, corporate meetings, and every other […]

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Go paperless, Go Digital: Easily Scan Business Cards to Your Smartphone

  Sharing business cards is still a thing in an era where everything is going digital. However, you will notice that people are beginning to share digital business cards. The covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the shift to digital business cards because people are social distancing. Therefore, if you still have paper business cards, it is […]

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7 Tips to Simplify Contact Management Software

It’s been a while since contact management software has saved companies from declining sales. Improper contact management results in plummeting transactions, and everyone who runs an enterprise knows how risky it can be for business health.  Statista predicts that the market for international customer relationship management will grow to $40.26 billion in size in 2023, […]

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Using Technology to Get Recruited

​The traditional recruitment process has certainly earned innovative and dynamic competition from tech-driven solutions. Brands looking to attract tech-savvy, digital-native talent from Millennials and Gen Z need to meet that talent on the platforms and in the digital spaces where they spend their time. Employers are using advanced tactics such as artificial intelligence, mobile apps, […]

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Making and Keeping Connections in a World Where No One Talks to Each Other

making & keeping relationships

Ever since its emergence, technology has been continuously revolutionizing many aspects of our day-to-day lives. This is greatly evident in the way people communicate and connect these days. According to The Guardian, on average, a typical American spends three hours and fifteen minutes on their phones every day. Additionally, as mentioned in our post, ‘Is Technology […]

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5 gift ideas for your professional contacts this holiday season

5 gifts for business professionals

Christmas, 2018 New Year, it’s the time of year to show your business associates your appreciation! A token to highlight how much you value their relationship, and a perfect excuse to keep your relationship warm and to stay top-of-mind. Knowing who to send a token of your gratitude to should be as easy as browsing […]

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Networking for People Who Hate Networking

It’s time to make a good first impression!

“You are cordially invited to a networking event. Wear your best business clothes and bring your A-game. It’s time to make a good first impression!” If you’ve been working in the professional world, there’s a chance you’ve received an email invitation like the one above. You know the game: there’s an event for up-and-comers that’s […]

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Power up your contacts, webinar #5 – Use your awesome address book for business development

Watch on YouTube. Covve’s customer success lead Chris delivers “Power up your contacts”, a series of practical and to the point webinars on helping business professionals capitalise on their contact network effectively. This fifth webinar in the series covers how to use your awesome address book for business development. Power-up your contacts – part 5: […]

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