Gratitude as the Gateway – Kevin Monroe’s Approach to Deepening Connections

Today’s world is increasingly digitally connected, but human connection seems to be dwindling. This was the premise of the Covve workshop titled “Healthy Habits of Connection,” a gathering that sought to address and bridge this widening gap. Enter Kevin Monroe, the World’s Gratitude Coach at the Grateful App, who shared insights on how gratitude can form the cornerstone of authentic connections.

Kevin Monroe: Gratitude and Authentic Connection

Kevin’s journey into the world of connections was guided by his father. From a young age, he was exposed to environments that fostered human connections, laying the foundation for his current mission. This underlying philosophy is beautifully encapsulated in a phrase shared by Barbara Sable of the Kellogg Foundation: “Relationships are primary, everything else is derivative.” It’s a reminder that, at the heart of every endeavor, relationship is the core from which everything else springs.

A Bridge Between Connection and Gratitude

Kevin’s workshop activity was both innovative and simple, merging his twin worlds of gratitude and connection. His focus was on LinkedIn’s voice note feature, which limits recordings to 60 seconds. This brevity forces individuals to be concise and meaningful, making every second count.

From this concept, Kevin introduced TAG: Thankful, Appreciate, Grateful. This trifecta accentuates gratitude and authenticity. Sending a TAG is not just about expressing thanks; it’s about forming a genuine bond with the receiver. As Kevin emphasized, “There’s something about gratitude that when we share it with others, it builds authentic connection.”

In line with the workshop’s hands-on approach, Kevin went on to exemplify his concept by sending a TAG, illustrating the profound impact such a brief, heartfelt message can have. He encouraged participants to set aside time every week to send out their own TAGs, fostering connections through gratitude.

Feedback from participants was overwhelmingly positive. Many shared the profound emotional impact that TAG had on them. The words “fulfilling,” “heartwarming,” and “emotional” were frequently echoed, underscoring the power of this simple yet profound exercise.

Kevin Monroe’s contribution to the Covve workshop was a testament to the transformative power of gratitude in forging and deepening human connections. While technological advancements may offer numerous ways to connect, it is genuine gestures like TAG that resonate deeply and remind us of the essence of human connection. As we navigate an increasingly digital age, it’s worth noting that sometimes, the most profound connections come from simple, heartfelt gestures.

Watch the full workshop and put Kevin Monroe’s healthy habit of connection into practice.

Updated on 24 Nov 2023.

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