Meeting the Right, New People With Mo Bunnell’s Systemic Approach


Cultivating and nurturing relationships has become paramount in today’s constantly evolving business landscape. At Covve, we’re dedicated to empowering you to grow your network in meaningful, sustainable ways. Our series, in collaboration with Mo Bunnell, unveils strategies to refine your relationship building skills for business growth and development. In this fourth edition, we delve into Mo’s methodology, emphasizing the role of systematic approaches in networking when looking to meet the right, new people.



The Power of Systems in Networking

Networking has evolved beyond mere face-to-face encounters. Mo Bunnell, an authority in the field, underscores the power of consistency in building robust relationships. He advocates for systems over sporadic connections or impulsive networking sprints. Bunnell’s “if this, then that” and calendar frameworks propose networking as a sequence of calculated actions.

Drawing insights from his distinguished book, The Snowball System, and his insightful free course, Winning the Relationship Advantage, Bunnell presents eight robust methods to fortify your networking system:

  1. Referrals: After every successful collaboration, make it routine to ask, “Who do you know that would benefit from knowing us?”. This simple question, when posed consistently, can unlock a cascade of introductions. Integrating this into a weekly calendar system can yield a consistent stream of potential contacts.
  2. Forums: Forums or in-person events are hubs of interaction. Regular participation, when systematically scheduled in your calendar, ensures you remain active in circles that matter, fostering organic opportunities to meet like-minded professionals.
  3. Webinars: Webinars bridge the gap between learning and networking. By attending or hosting webinars and marking them in your calendar, you not only gain knowledge but also expose yourself to a diverse audience, widening your networking scope.
  4. Email Lists: A well-curated email list, like Mo’s, becomes a conduit for sustained engagement. It provides a platform to share insights, updates, and value, keeping your network informed and engaged.
  5. Value Groups: These are specialized groups with a shared goal of addressing complex issues. Whether it’s a small brainstorming team or a large consortium, value groups offer a unique environment to connect with individuals driven by common objectives.
  6. Annually Recurring Events: Such events become networking landmarks. Consistent attendance fosters a sense of community and camaraderie, deepening connections as you encounter familiar faces year after year.
  7. Speaking Engagements: Taking the stage as a speaker not only positions you as an expert but also makes you a networking magnet. Attendees, intrigued by your insights, are more likely to approach and connect with you.
  8. Podcasts: Launching or being a part of a niche podcast offers dual benefits. It helps establish authority in a domain and also provides opportunities to invite and connect with industry experts, thereby constantly expanding your network.

Echoing Mo’s reminder, “Sporadic doesn’t work, sprints are ok, systems are where it’s at.” At Covve, we champion this systematic approach. It ensures that in the networking arena, you’re not just encountering more individuals but genuinely connecting with the right people.

Discover the nuances of systematic networking with Mo Bunnell in the series’ fourth installment. Embark on this transformative networking journey with Covve and networking mavens guiding your path.

Written on 06 Nov 2023.

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