Jenny Sauer-Klein – The Small Things That Matter in a Remote Work Environment

The idea of “blowing up someone’s phone” causing them to be distracted from what they are doing and turning one’s phone into an alarming, seemingly never ending vibrating tablet should strictly happen in case of emergency. We’ve likely all been there, on both sides of those incessant messages and calls, and it is not fun. This is where Jenny Sauer-Klein, founder and CEO of Scaling Intimacy School of Experience Design, shared the value of micro-interactions accumulating over time.

Jenny is an expert in creating dynamic learning experiences that foster connection and relationships. Through her extensive experience training coaches, consultants, educators, and internal organizational leaders, she has gained valuable insights into building meaningful connections in physical and virtual spaces.

Building up the value of micro interactions and communication can happen very instinctually in person at the workplace. What about in a virtual work environment? That all comes down to intent, and actively creating those moments of small interactions. Jenny emphasizes the power of micro-moments of connection, accumulated over time. These small moments, when consistently nurtured, have the potential to create profound and meaningful bonds.

During the workshop, she highlights that “in person connection happens by serendipity but, online, it doesn’t happen unless we do it on purpose.” She emphasizes the importance of incorporating a few minutes of intentional connection in virtual spaces to enhance the sense of connectedness and prepare participants to engage with the content.

Her approach to connection involves connecting early and often, embracing micro-moments, gradually increasing vulnerability, and choosing between a narrow and deep approach or a wide and shallow one depending on the context. By implementing these principles in our remote work practices, we can cultivate genuine relationships, combat loneliness, and create a sense of belonging in our hyperconnected world.

Dive into Jenny’s insights further by following her courses on designing dynamic experiences and learning to facilitate workshops and other events. You may also watch the full workshop here

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Written on 16 Oct 2023.

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