Best Networking Apps to Stay in Touch After the Pandemic

  The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has undoubtedly changed the way we interact and network with people across the globe. Networking has shifted from physical meetings to online or virtual meetings. Even in the post-Covid world, don’t expect things to change much. People have tasted and seen the immense benefits of digital networking. Therefore, if you […]

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Virtual Networking Tips: How to Become a Pro

  It is unbelievable how networking can take your business from zero to hero. Effective networking transforms mentorships, friendships, career growth, and business. With the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic wreaking havoc, many activities have shifted online. Virtual networking is the in thing now. Today, it is clear that those who have a wealth of information on […]

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Why are My Contacts Duplicated on My iPhone and How to Fix It?

Do you have duplicate contacts on your iPhone and wondered how it happened? While this problem can get your nerves frozen, it is worth knowing that this is a common issue amongst myriads of iPhone users. Duplicate contacts take up much space and are tiresome scrolling down such an enormous list. Your first line of […]

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Why You Need a Business Card Scanner?

  Even in the current technologically-driven world, business cards are still around in the networking world. But do we really need them, especially in a post-COVID era? The answer is a yes but in a digital version. Moving around with physical business cards has an equal share of drawbacks. This is why the world is […]

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How to Nail Networking After Covid

  It is no secret that COVID-19 has disrupted the norm and forced us to rethink our business networking approach. With the rampage showing signs of subsiding, businesses are pulling strings to find effective ways on how to create and expand their network after COVID. If you own a business or at the helm of […]

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How to export iPhone contacts

  Thinking about switching devices or are you simply worried about losing contacts and need an offline backup just to be safe? Whatever your reasons for wanting to know how to export contacts from an iPhone 12, we’re here to help! If you want to export your long contact list, then we suggest using Export […]

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How To Organise Your Contacts With A Personal CRM App

Across the globe, people share names. You may have “John”, who is your plumber, and another “John,” who could be your prospect. If you don’t save these two people correctly on your phone, you will call John, your prospect, to fix your sink, which is embarrassing. This is why you need a personal CRM app. […]

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How To Stay Motivated And Productive While Working Remotely

  Working remotely sounds like all fun and games. There is that freedom of working without a boss checking on you, no commuting, and wearing what you want. People tend to be more productive than working in an office. According to studies, 75% of people are as productive or even more, during COVID-19 while working […]

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Why You Need A Smart Address Book Now More Than Ever

If there is an app that you must have on your phone now, more than ever before, then it is a smart address book. We are in a pandemic that limits social interactions and promotes remote working. This means that you can never meet up with people for coffee, attend events, conferences, and swap business […]

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How to Scan Business Cards and Save Contacts on Your Smartphone

  You are decluttering your office. You find several business cards of your prospects that you would wish to save on your phone. If it is one or two business cards, you can enter them manually on the phone. But what if there are many? You will need a better solution that saves time. This […]

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