Understanding the Neural Network for Better Connection Practices with Dr. Niraj Nijhawan

For nearly 30 years, Dr. Niraj Nijhawan (Raj)  has been passionately involved in integrating the latest insights from medical, social, and neuroscience fields. This dedication led him to establish LEO in 2014, with the mission of creating vibrant, empowering work environments and communities. The organization’s initiatives have positively impacted a wide range of individuals, from at-risk teens to corporate leaders, demonstrating the broad applicability and effectiveness of his approaches.

Dr. Nijhawan’s work at LEO focuses on fostering environments that support growth, connection, and resilience. His efforts have been instrumental in providing hope and transformation during challenging times. By promoting a culture of continuous learning and mutual support, LEO has made a significant difference in various communities, helping individuals and organizations thrive.

Expanding Your Neural Network

During May’s Connection Crew workshop, Dr. Nijhawan led an activity called “Expanding Your Neural Network,” encouraging participants to adopt a non-zero-sum game mentality. This mindset shift aims to foster genuine support and positive reinforcement for others’ success, leading to a virtuous cycle of connection. He introduced the concept by explaining the importance of craving the success and happiness of others, which enhances personal fulfillment and collective well-being.

Dr. Nijhawan invited participants to focus on society’s collective good by lifting each other and enabling their inner genius to come out through positive interaction and positive language. His activity was about asking their breakout room buddy to describe, given the infinite genius that they could apply to anything in their lives, “What do you want to be really great at?” Their buddy would then answer with one thing that they want to be great at, and then change roles. 

By focusing on mutual success and happiness, rather than competition and jealousy, people can learn to support and be curious about others’ potential and growth. 

The practical insights from Dr. Nijhawan’s session emphasized adopting a non-zero-sum mentality, supporting others’ success with genuine curiosity and excitement, and embracing the potential of neuroplasticity. By integrating these principles, individuals can foster more supportive and connected environments in both personal and professional settings. Dr. Nijhawan’s work exemplifies how understanding and applying neuroscience can lead to more meaningful and effective connections, ultimately enhancing the quality of life for everyone involved.

Written on 21 Jun 2024.

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