Ben Swire Shows Us How to Unleash Creativity Through Joyful Connections

Ben Swire, a co-founder of Make Believe Works, stands out as an innovative force in the design and writing communities. As a former Design Lead at IDEO, Ben has harnessed his extensive expertise in design thinking, marketing, psychology, literature, and philosophy to reshape how people perceive and interact with the world. 

His award-winning work has positively impacted major organizations like Google, Salesforce, Netflix, and Donors Choose, guiding them through processes that unlock creativity and deepen community impact.

Envisioning a More Connected World

At Make Believe Works, Ben is dedicated to redefining collaboration, emphasizing the power of mutual inspiration over mere cooperation. The company’s mission is to nurture trust, vulnerability, and personal connection within teams, which are crucial for a thriving workplace culture. 

Ben’s forthcoming book, Safe Danger, explores the concept of taking small creative risks to discover and express one’s authentic voice—a theme that resonates deeply with his professional endeavors.

Sharing Childhood Misconceptions

Ben Swire’s workshop activity features the “Unblinking Line,” an activity designed to encourage sharing insights or secrets we held when we were children. Sharing our unfiltered understanding of the world around us in a joyful, playful manner. An approach to connecting that is often neglected when we wear professional attire in professional settings, yet more potent for connection than sharing weekend experiences. 

The activity was an invitation to connect with others in a meaningful way through each person’s story, sharing a secret of an innocent childhood misunderstanding, opening the door to deeper connection.

Participants were asked to come prepared with a sheet of paper and a sharpie, setting the stage for an engaging experience. They were tasked with drawing a misconception they had as a child, and present it to their breakout room buddy who had to try and guess what the misconception was from the drawing.

Ben Swire continues to be a pivotal figure in fostering environments where creativity and connection flourish. Engage with his work to explore how imaginative risks can lead to genuine and impactful expressions.

Written on 04 Jun 2024.

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