Cultivating Connection Through Expert-Led Activities in May’s Joyful Masterclass

At times where loneliness runs rampant, it’s more important than ever to take initiative and connect with people with true intention. The Connection Crew Masterclass does just that, inviting people from various walks of life to take the time to unravel who they really are alongside new acquaintances, peers, and friends.

May’s Joyful Masterclass for Connection Professionals, co-created with CultureCon, featured three distinguished panelists including Dr. Niraj Nijhawan, Tim Jones, and Charley (aka “Sparkle”) Lapomardo. The workshop offered practical activities designed to be easily applied in various community settings, whether at the office, at home, or with friends.

In the workshop, participants gained insights from the panelists who have cultivated unique experiences from their professional backgrounds and who demonstrated the profound impact of connection practices

Meet the Panelists

Coming from a scientific background, seasoned physician, and the founder of the Life Ecology Organization (LEO), Dr. Nijhawan shed light on the extensive positive influence of celebrating other’s achievements when connecting. He has spent nearly three decades integrating the latest insights from medical, social, and neuroscience fields. His work with LEO aims to create empowering work environments and communities, positively impacting a diverse audience.

Storytelling is a powerful skill when connecting with others. We constantly seek for events, perspectives, and feelings that we can relate to with people, and storytelling is the skill with which we unravel the bridges of connection. Tim Jones, Executive Director of Longer Tables, brings a wealth of experience from both for-profit and non-profit sectors. 

His organization focuses on creating spaces of connection through large-scale community events. Tim’s expertise in storytelling and community building shines through his efforts to cultivate cultures of belonging.

Charley “Sparkle” Lapomardo is a dynamic facilitator and user experience researcher on a mission to help people work and live their best lives. With a rich background in community culture management and user research, they co-create transformative workshops and environments that promote inclusivity and engagement.

Contributions to the Workshop

Each panelist brought unique expertise and activities to the workshop, contributing to its overarching goal of fostering connection and engagement:

  • Dr. Niraj Nijhawan: Led an activity on expanding neural networks, emphasizing the importance of adopting a non-zero-sum game mentality to foster mutual support and success.
  • Tim Jones: Facilitated a session on “What I Didn’t Tell You,” highlighting the power of vulnerability and truth-telling in creating deeper connections.
  • Charley “Sparkle” Lapomardo: Conducted “Sparkle Storytime,” a storytelling exercise designed to enhance emotional awareness and connect participants through shared experiences.

The workshop provided valuable tools and insights for participants to implement in their own communities, promoting a culture of connection and belonging. Make sure to stay tuned for Covve’s next workshop and claim your spot, we’re building connections together through healthy habits and expert insights.

Written on 12 Jun 2024.

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