How to Delete WhatsApp Contacts

Is your WhatsApp contacts list huge and getting increasingly difficult to manage? If yes, at this point, it may be best to delete the contacts you no longer need.  WhatsApp uses  your smartphone’s phone book to create your contacts list. Consequently, deleting a contact from WhatsApp will also have that contact deleted from your smartphone. […]

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How to Tell If You Have Been Blocked on Whatsapp

Have you been trying communicate with a contact via WhatsApp without success? Are you beginning to wonder why you can’t see any updates from that contact anymore? It is quite possible that the contact in question decided to block you! Before you draw any conclusions, it is best to know for sure what the situation is.  […]

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How Do I Transfer Viber to a New Phone?

  Since the launch of Viber, the instant messaging App has continued to grow. Many people now depend on Viber to communicate with their family and friends, colleagues and clients. A lot of data transfer between users happens often on this platform. For this reason, changing phones may become a more complicated process than usual, […]

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How to Restore your Viber Contacts

  Viber allows you to text and call friends, family and colleagues for free. Imagine how painful it’d be to lose all the contacts that you have saved over time. If this happens, it’s likely you’d want to have your lost contacts restored.  Sadly, there may be no way to restore lost Viber contacts unless […]

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What’s new in iOS13 regarding contacts?

Silence Unknown Callers

As expected, Apple announced iOS13 in the WWDC in June 2019. iOS 13, expected to launch in September 2019, will bring exciting new features and a very interesting one specific to my contacts: Silence Unknown Callers. What is Silence Unknown Callers ? Silence Unknown Callers will filter calls from unknown numbers, and send them straight […]

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How to Find Email Addresses of Companies?

  You heard about a company and you want to contact them. Maybe you are interested in job openings or to get information about their products and services? Your reason to get in touch with a company could be one of many. Sending an email has proven to be a fast and professional method to get […]

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How to Find the Company an Email Address Belongs To?

  Receiving email from an email address you don’t immediately recognize is something that happens more often than we’d like. Almost everyone with an active email address receives mail of this kind and sadly, there are too many fraudulent activities in the world today – here are some best practices to ensure you stay safe. […]

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How to Check if an Email Address is Still Valid?

  Do you run a business where sending email regularly is necessary? Have you sent out a number of emails expecting replies but received none. In the real world, not every email address is valid. This fact breeds the problem of not being able to easily tell whether or not an email address is still […]

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How to Find Email Addresses of Employees at a Company?

  It is not uncommon to desire more specificity with whom you chose to reach out to. What you want is to get across to an employee within a company, not the company at large. Truth is, to an extent, there are times you want to enjoy a respectable degree of privacy. Maybe it’s just […]

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Covve: the first company to be awarded the Innovative SME Certificate in Cyprus

Innovative SME certificate Cyprus

We are proud to be the first company to be awarded the Innovative SME certificate in Cyprus in recognition for our continuous investment in research and development.    The company Covve revolutionises the way people network. It packages an advanced contact and relationship management platform in a simple-to-use contacts app. Covve is being used by thousands […]

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