Discovering the Dynamics of Social Circles and How Relationships are Prioritized

In the 4th installment of the series “Wired to Socialize,” hosted by Covve CEO Yiannis Gavrielides and featuring evolutionary psychologist Robin Dunbar, the focus is on understanding the structure and limitations of human social networks.  Central to this discussion is Dunbar’s number, which posits a limit of about 150 people in an individual’s social circle. […]

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Keeping Connections Alive with Dr. Vaneeta Sandhu’s Emoji Exercise

Genuine human connections can sometimes feel sparse when instant gratification and access to the world through the internet is constantly within our reach. The Covve workshop, titled “Healthy Habits of Connection,” aimed to mitigate this by sharing innovative ways to foster and maintain connections. Among the illuminating voices at the workshop was Dr. Vaneeta Sandhu, […]

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Gratitude as the Gateway – Kevin Monroe’s Approach to Deepening Connections

Today’s world is increasingly digitally connected, but human connection seems to be dwindling. This was the premise of the Covve workshop titled “Healthy Habits of Connection,” a gathering that sought to address and bridge this widening gap. Enter Kevin Monroe, the World’s Gratitude Coach at the Grateful App, who shared insights on how gratitude can […]

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The Dance of Vulnerability – Unlocking Authentic Connections with Jessie Jacob

The modern age has brought us unparalleled conveniences, lightning-fast information, and seemingly boundless connection points, yet many individuals find themselves feeling more isolated than ever. As U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy stated, “Our epidemic of loneliness and isolation has been an underappreciated public health crisis that has harmed individual and societal health.”  But amid […]

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Meeting the Right, New People With Mo Bunnell’s Systemic Approach

  Cultivating and nurturing relationships has become paramount in today’s constantly evolving business landscape. At Covve, we’re dedicated to empowering you to grow your network in meaningful, sustainable ways. Our series, in collaboration with Mo Bunnell, unveils strategies to refine your relationship building skills for business growth and development. In this fourth edition, we delve […]

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7,500+ Connections Made With Covve at Reflect Festival 2023

Finding success when attending a festival or event is not just about the information absorbed, but also by growing our networks and discovering new relationships that contribute to our personal and professional lives. This context set the stage for a powerful collaboration between Reflect Festival and Covve for the second consecutive year of collaboration. This […]

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Robin Dunbar: The Impact of In-person Interactions in a Hybrid Work Environment

Wired to Socialize: The Science of Networking: Episode 3

The podcast “Wired to Socialize,” featuring insights from Professor Robin Dunbar and Covve CEO, Yiannis Gavrielides, delves into the human necessity for connection and its intricate nature. In their third episode, the duo addresses the emerging hybrid work environment. While championed for flexibility and efficiency, it’s evident that such work setups can hinder the essential […]

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How to Migrate from ABBYY to Covve

Ending a product’s life is not a rare or sparse occurrence, however it is always shocking to the industry. In the card reading software market, one leading provider recently announced that it will discontinue support, new subscriptions, and in-app purchases for its FineReader PDF for Mobile and Business Card Reader for Android users, Text Grabber […]

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Best Features in a Personal CRM for Networking in 2023

Personal Contact Relationship Management (CRM) tools have become indispensable assets for professionals across various fields. These platforms streamline contact management, nurture connections, and ultimately foster successful networking objectives.  In an era where meaningful relationships are vital for personal and professional growth, choosing the right personal CRM is paramount. What makes personal CRMs so impactful and […]

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Should You Use an Open-source CRM?

Managing relationships has increasingly become a top priority for businesses and individuals across sectors. Excel spreadsheets and minimal systems no longer serve the multi-faceted needs of people to stay engaged with their contacts. That is where personal CRMs come in to make note-taking, scheduling, and contact organization easier and more efficient. However, some find personal […]

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