Tips & Tricks from an Entrepreneur: Nurturing Relationships

  Shannen Stewart, Founder and President of Heels and Handshakes, a 3000+ membership network dedicated to helping women in business and entrepreneurs, talks about how Covve Personal CRM has been a game-changer for her as a business owner. “ Relationships are crucial to your success and your personal and professional development… Covve is a no-brainer. […]

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A better system for MBAs and executives to manage their contacts and grow their networks

In his first masterclass for Covve, Doug Lester, a world-class career strategist and executive coach for MBA students and alumni at a top-tier business school and executives at Fortune 100 companies,  shares the importance of abandoning the spreadsheet to take a more sophisticated approach to manage your contacts. The approach he recommends enables professionals to […]

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Are you a trustworthy contact?

Your entire network, your credibility in it, and future interactions with others, all depend on trust.  Although perceptions are shaped by first impressions, trust is harnessed in the long term. It is the foundation that makes the relationship last. So even if you make the wrong first impression, you can win the long game by […]

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Meeting in-person or online?

Similar to other social interactions, networking is now majorly conducted via online means. We often connect and stay in touch with other professionals whom we’ve never met in person before. As a result, platforms like LinkedIn have grown multiple times over the past decade. This digital transformation process was further accelerated during the pandemic. One […]

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Connecting with the right crowd

“Networking is linked to many measures of professional success — including getting promoted, having influence, earning more money, and feeling more satisfied in your career”, writes Rebecca Knight, Senior Correspondent for Insider and Contributor at Harvard Business Review.  While this is very true, it all boils down to the people you network with. Connecting to […]

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Opportunities exist outside your comfort zone

We deliberately find comfort in our inner circle. Our family, group of friends, a cluster of professional contacts. People we already know. People who can potentially protect us from a financial or emotional downfall.  This is what research from Northwestern University on “How Socioeconomic Status Impacts the Way We Network”, suggests.  Nonetheless, although our inner […]

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How to follow up after a meeting

Following up after you meet someone is important for preserving and developing a relationship. It paves the way to subsequent meetings and the chance of synergies and new opportunities.  In the words of the award-winning author and corporate trainer, Paul Axwell, “Persistence is a key influence skill. If you want anything to happen you must […]

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Networking is essential for founders

What differentiates a successful startup founder from an unsuccessful one? There are a number of obvious reasons. The product, the team, and the track record. What about the network though? While talent is universal, opportunity is not. No matter how good you are, you will still face limited prospects if you don’t have access to […]

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How to rewarm dormant relationships

Your network stretches well beyond the people you keep in touch with, and that’s okay. You naturally don’t have time to keep in touch with everyone. Nonetheless, the dormant relationships in your network are neither dead nor useless. They quietly exist there until it is time to activate them.  According to a study featured in […]

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How To Add Daily Reminders on Galaxy S22?

Life’s constant hustle and bustle can make you forget the most basic and essential things. Imagine walking into your office only to discover that you left your laptop at home. With horror, you might also realize that you left your house keys on top of your office4 desk after a long day. Fortunately, reminders help […]

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