Impostor Syndrome – Are You Your Own Victim?

Ever had that niggling thought at a networking event or professional meet-up that you’re about to be unmasked? That someone will suddenly point at you and reveal to the room that you’re not as brilliant as your LinkedIn profile makes you out to be? Congratulations, you’ve met Impostor Syndrome: the party crasher of the professional […]

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When You Think Your Relationships Are Strong, But They’re Not

Imagine this: You’re at a bustling party, surrounded by laughter, clinking glasses, and stories that are probably a tad embellished. You float from one group to another, exchanging jokes, sharing news, and feeling utterly connected to everyone around you.  Fast forward to a quiet Tuesday evening when you’re wrestling with a personal dilemma. Suddenly, those […]

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Managing Your Anxiety & Awkwardness, with Tech

Let’s face it, the mere thought of reaching out to someone you haven’t spoken to in ages can feel like deciding to jump out of a perfectly good airplane—exciting to some, downright terrifying to others. This especially rings true in a world where “I’ll text you!” often fades into the digital abyss, only to resurface […]

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Conquering Loneliness in Your Workplace

In the grand theater of the workplace, loneliness plays the lead role in a rather dreary production. Loneliness is smiling without the sparkle, conversing without truly being heard, and the high-fives that feel more like a low four. Yes, we’ve all perfected the polite nod and the hallway smile, all in the noble pursuit of […]

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Is Your Stress Louder Than Your Voice in Professional Environments?

Navigating the professional landscape can often feel like all eyes are on you and every gesture you make, word you speak, and step you take. Where every handshake and conversation might just be the vine that swings you to the next big opportunity. Yet, it’s not the thrill of adventure that gets our hearts racing; […]

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How to Rebuild Your Sense of Belonging

Feeling like you’re on a solo journey through the vast galaxy of life? Well, buckle up because you’re definitely not alone in feeling alone. It turns out that our deep-seated desire to connect, to belong somewhere with someone, isn’t just some whimsical fantasy—it’s wired into our DNA. Since the dawn of time, from our cave-dwelling […]

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Deepening Connections Through the Power of Names With Beth Ridley’s Insightful Approach

Science fiction novelist, Patrick Rothfuss, wrote “as names have power, words have power. Words can light fires in the minds of men. Words can wring tears from the hardest hearts. There are seven words that will make a person love you. There are ten words that will break a strong man’s will. But a word […]

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Fostering Authentic Connections – Insights from Garry Ridge at Covve’s Connection Crew Masterclass

Amidst the bustling realm of professional networking and personal growth, the Covve’s Connection Crew: A Joyful Masterclass for Connection Professionals stands out as a beacon for those eager to forge meaningful relationships and achieve personal betterment. Among the distinguished panelists, Garry Ridge, the former Chairman of the Board and CEO of WD-40, Executive Coach, and […]

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Finding Workplace Joy by Fostering Meaningful Connections

Katya Davydova, Transformation Coach and Founder of Effervescent You, brought a refreshing perspective to Covve’s Connection Crew Masterclass, offering participants not just insights into fostering deeper workplace relationships but also practical steps to enhance their networking practices. As a multifaceted professional with a mission to create a more joyful world, Katya’s engagement in the workshop […]

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Bringing People Together with Covve’s Connection Crew Masterclass

Let’s dive into the heart of networking and relationship-building with a spotlight on the Covve Connection Crew Masterclass, a dynamic event crafted to revolutionize the way we foster relationships in our professional and personal spheres. With a clear mission to help attendees make meaningful friendships and enhance their social health through practical activities, this workshop […]

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