Should You Use an Open-source CRM?

Managing relationships has increasingly become a top priority for businesses and individuals across sectors. Excel spreadsheets and minimal systems no longer serve the multi-faceted needs of people to stay engaged with their contacts. That is where personal CRMs come in to make note-taking, scheduling, and contact organization easier and more efficient. However, some find personal […]

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Google Sheets is Free, But Not as Competent as a Personal CRM

Whether a budding entrepreneur, a seasoned professional, or looking to make a career change, having a well-organized system to manage contacts can be a game-changer. Finding a system that is specific to fulfilling certain needs is imperative to being able to effectively cultivate relationships. This can work with free personal CRMs, or specially designed and […]

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Jenny Sauer-Klein – The Small Things That Matter in a Remote Work Environment

The idea of “blowing up someone’s phone” causing them to be distracted from what they are doing and turning one’s phone into an alarming, seemingly never ending vibrating tablet should strictly happen in case of emergency. We’ve likely all been there, on both sides of those incessant messages and calls, and it is not fun. […]

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Charles Vogl – Authentic Relationships Happen Around the Campfire

Charles Vogl, renowned for authoring The Art of Community and Building Brand Communities, and his work at Google, believes that opening up requires being in a space where there are few people to interact with, allowing you to engage with those around you better.  “They have this default assumption that if we want to get […]

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Gary Ware – Creating Connections on Common Ground

As the world becomes vastly more digitized, we rarely see our colleagues, and at times may never see them in person at all. So, how can we get to know them and trust them better? Gary Ware, founder of Breakthrough Play, took part in Covve’s workshop spear-headed by Hansen Hunt on cultivating authentic connections in […]

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Kat Vellos – Creativity and Frequency – A Ticket to Authentic Relationships

Every office has that crucial team member who carries positivity and embraces creativity, such as sharing music and crafting gifts for colleagues. Kat Vellos, the creator of, is exactly that person in Covve’s workshop on cultivating authenticity in a remote work environment. She believes in the value of sharing creative passions with colleagues and […]

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Meet the Experts: Panelists at Covve’s Healthy Habits of Connection Workshop

Our upcoming workshop, “Healthy Habits of Connection in the Workplace – Learn & Practice the Habits of the Experts,” promises an enlightening and transformative experience, taking place on Tuesday, 17th of October from 12:00 – 13:00 (ET), led and moderated by Hansen Hunt who shares our passion in helping people cultivate authentic relationships. Join us […]

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What Happened to ABBYY?

Nearly every aspect of business is digitized. From how organizations store data, to meetings, and how professionals connect with each other. One aspect of business that has become increasingly digitized in the past decade is networking, building relationships.  Paper business cards turned to digital business cards which are more cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternatives. Personal […]

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Healthy Habits of Connection in the Workplace – Learn and Practice the Habits of the Experts

The world is moving at a rapid pace, impacting our relationships with others and causing them to feel superficial and taking a backseat to our busy lives. Covve recognizes the profound impact of authentic relationships and is excited to present our upcoming workshop “Healthy Habits of Connection in the Workplace – Learn & Practice the […]

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A Look Behind Covve’s Curtains with The Jeff Bullas Show

How AI Can Help You Network Like a Pro (Episode 179)

The Jeff Bullas Show, hosted by digital marketing expert Jeff Bullas, serves as a platform for exploring the experiences and insights of thought leaders, industry experts, innovators, and entrepreneurs. In a recent episode, Jeff interviews Yiannis Gavrielides, co-founder of Covve.  Their conversation reveals the profound significance of personal and professional relationships and how they form […]

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