How to Stay Productive While Social Distancing: Create and Share Your Digital Business Card

One way to curb the spread of Covid-19 is to maintain social distance. As a result, most companies have allowed their employees to work from home to adhere to Covid-19 government guidelines. If you are among the people working from home, you might want to grind your work as though you could be in the office.

Unfortunately, your productivity may have slowed down a bit because you cannot have meetings in person, close deals or network as before. To improve your productivity when everyone is social distancing, you need an app that can create and share digital business cards, so you don’t lose that networking opportunity or your personal touch.

We will look at three popular digital business card makers, compatible with both Android and iOS devices, namely:

  • Covve
  • Switchit
  • WeCards


Covve: Best app to create and share your digital business card

Covve is an intelligent address book app that allows you to create and share business cards to keep in touch with clients while keeping social distance. Once you click on the “Create New Card,” you will be able to add your name, company, job title, email, phone, website address, and more! You can also pick your digital business card’s customized color and design before sharing it via email or vCard. Click the link to read more on how to create and share your digital business card with Covve!

Covve is also a great personal CRM app that ensures you still keep track of your contacts and stay in touch with people while maintaining social distance.


You can also use Switchit to enhance productivity while maintaining social distancing.

Switchit app comes in handy if you want to digitize your business cards. You can create customized business cards, and add social media links, explainer videos, custom URLs and pick your brand color. You can also scan business cards and share them virtually.


Another useful app to create and share business cards during the Covid-19 Pandemic is WeCards. Just like with Covve and Switchit, you can create personalized cards and custom URL links. If you want people to connect with you via social media, you can add your social media links. From there, you can share your cards via email or quickly scan using QR codes.

Wrap Up

Nothing should hinder you from networking at this digital age, even when social distancing is a must. Get yourself a smart contacts app and use it to create and share digital business cards.

Download Covve for Android and Covve for iOS and improve your productivity while working from home.

Written on 08 May 2021.

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