Networking Events Post COVID: What Should We Know?


Although COVID is not yet gone, it is important to note that networking events post COVID won’t change dramatically. With people trying to minimize contact and leverage the digital space, there is no reason for virtual networking events to slow down post-pandemic.

The success of networking events would not simply be dictated by the technology you use or your ability to attract myriads of people. It all goes down to being aware of a matrix of crucial deterministic factors. Here, we take a look at what you should know about networking events post -pandemic.

Interactivity is Key

People are willing to find time out of their normal work schedule to listen to your presentation. If people can show up for your webinar or virtual meeting, you are obliged to be present as well. People tend to dislike recorded content because they are not as interactive as live sessions. They want to ask questions and seek clarification where needed. In fact, people can forgive you if there are a few technical glitches for the sake of live sessions.


Everything Goes to Conversation

Remember, the main aim of virtual events is to create networks. But how can you make a network without conversation? Virtual event hosts don’t take conversation lightly, and this explains why there are plenty of startup-building tools to harness conversation for effective networking. Conversations can break or make a virtual event. Therefore, important to give deserved attention.


Choose the Right Virtual Platform

Everything else can go right! But the choice of virtual networking platform can turn things inside out. There are several virtual networking platforms. However, not all of them give the same experience. Because you don’t want to ruin your networking, invest in the right networking tools. Ensure the tool is user-friendly and offers essential networking features like a Chatbox and screen share.


Be Creative

Networking is just like any other marketing platform. To win the hearts of scores of people and stand out uniquely, you need to be creative. Creativity should run in your veins Ranging from your visuals, talks to audience participation. Leverage surprises, amazing visuals, and humor to make your event lively.


Bottom Line

After successful networking, you will definitely have network contacts to supercharge your relationships. To effectively manage your contacts, set weekly reminders, add personalized call notes, Covve, the best relationship management tool.


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Written on 29 Sep 2021.

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