Virtual Networking Tips: How to Become a Pro


It is unbelievable how networking can take your business from zero to hero. Effective networking transforms mentorships, friendships, career growth, and business. With the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic wreaking havoc, many activities have shifted online. Virtual networking is the in thing now. Today, it is clear that those who have a wealth of information on virtual networking have an edge in the business or social space. If you want to become a pro in virtual networking, then the following tips will help you.

Leverage the Chat Feature

One of the most important virtual networking components of a video conferencing platform is the chat feature. The founder and CEO of Scroobious, Allison Byers, describes the chatbox as a new conference hallway. Use the chat feature to introduce yourself and tell the audience what you do. The information you give should be clear and precise.
Avoid being wordy because the chat box is bombarded with many chats and the audience will likely ignore them. Ensure your social media accounts are active so that you can seamlessly initiate connections if possible.


Use Social Media

Social media is an important arsenal for creating skyrocketing networks. Take advantage of platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook to connect and engage with the targeted people.
Also, you can set up alerts to get notifications when target individuals post or comment on something. This way, you can respond to them with speed and hence the relationship strengthens.
When posting or commenting, ask yourself about the value of the topic, demonstrate a unique perspective, and show that you have learned something from the conversation.


Be Clear on your Virtual Networking Goal

Diving into virtual networking needs preparation. You just can’t get into the respective virtual networking platform and start conversations without meticulous preparation. You need to identify the target individuals. Research shows that people in networking events often engage with people they already know. Therefore, you should try the people you have a clue about then slowly advance to new targets.


Final Thoughts

While there are plenty of virtual networking tips, none of them is complete without using a smart personal CRM app like Covve. This application allows you to organize your contacts, and nurture and grow your network like never before. On top of all that, it has an inbuilt AI business card reader that lets you seamlessly scan business cards and convert them to paperless digital contacts.

Check out Covve and download the app for free to become a networking pro in no time!


Written on 25 Aug 2021.

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