Virtual Event Tips And Ideas To Grow your Network

More businesses than ever are recognizing the merits of virtual events in 2021. Even without social distancing and working from home, virtual events offer organizations the opportunity to reach huge audiences, offering lectures and seminars unconstrained by physical space. Thanks to low infrastructural costs of virtual events you can engage the best speakers, delight your audience and see a great return on investment, no matter the size of your business. Here are our top ideas and best practices for virtual events.

Virtual Event Ideas

1) Virtual Workshops

Running a virtual workshop is a great way to share your expertise whilst boosting engagement with a wide audience. Build a workshop around some educational material you can offer – this gives you the opportunity to gather some data and personal information from your viewers, generating leads and growing your email lists.

2) Stakeholder Briefings

Traditional face-to-face meetings with stakeholders are now moving online, allowing you to cut costs in these meetings whilst providing more engaging and dynamic briefing material. By demonstrating to your stakeholders that your business is thriving you can secure more investment to help you grow. Virtual events provide a great platform for interactive briefings, inspiring Q&As and pre-recorded speakers.

3) Virtual Conferences

Running a virtual summit is a way you can bring together experts across your industry, providing a valuable space where you can network at the same time as growing the reach of your brand. Physical summits are expensive affairs but a virtual conference limits the necessary infrastructure, enabling you to gather quality speakers from across the globe in a digital space.

4) Online Courses

Hosting an online course is a great way to connect with your customers in a sustained way. An online course with digitized source material and virtual lectures demonstrates your value as an industry leader whilst engaging users on a regular basis.

5) Live Streams

Build up a buzz around your brand by hosting a livestream. Many social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook and YouTube offer the tools for a livestream that encourages your audience to tune-in in real-time, asking questions through a live chat.

6) Virtual Networking Events

Face-to-face networking events might not always be possible nowadays, but networking is an essential part of every professional’s life. Hosting, and attending virtual networking events is a great way to not only maintain your network but also grow it, in a time where socializing is difficult and losing touch is easy. If you want some tips on how to up your networking game have a read at : 4 Good Questions to Ask When Networking


Tips For A Successful Virtual Event


Virtual events have the potential to inspire a huge audience so it’s imperative you leverage all the digital tools available to make it a success. Build momentum behind your event on social media by creating bespoke hashtags that your users can share when they’re talking about your event.

A Countdown

If you’re running an event where live engagement is an integral component, such as a livestream, then placing a countdown timer on your social channels can build interest in your event.

It Never Ends

A virtual event isn’t restricted in physical space and you can liberate it from traditional time restraints as well. Preserve your virtual event online and let hashtags percolate amongst your users – this will bring viewers to your event long after it’s officially finished.

Stay In Touch

Don’t lose touch with the people that attended your event. Creating relationships is what brings you closer to better deals and business success. There are many tools you can use to keep your contacts warm, like a personal CRM app to remind you to reach out and give you an excuse to do so.

Covve, for example, is a contacts app that assists you in staying in touch with your network.
There are many functionalities to help improve your networking game, like reminders, News about your contacts, a digital business card maker and so’s overall extremely useful and a true time-saver.

Wrapping Up

Virtual events offer great return on investment. You can reach a wide audience, grow your leads and connections and establish yourself as an industry leader. Use these ideas and best practices to start planning your virtual event today.



Lauren Groff is a content marketer and writer at Coursework Help and Write My Essay. She has worked as event coordinator for California colleges, corporate brands and third sector organizations. She is also a contributing writer at State Of Writing.