Best Networking Apps to Stay in Touch After the Pandemic


The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has undoubtedly changed the way we interact and network with people across the globe. Networking has shifted from physical meetings to online or virtual meetings. Even in the post-Covid world, don’t expect things to change much. People have tasted and seen the immense benefits of digital networking.

Therefore, if you are thinking about skyrocketing your networking in the post-Covid era, you need to arm yourself with the appropriate networking app. While saying sounds as easy as pie, the crux of the matter is that finding appropriate networking apps can prove tricky. Fortunately, this article guides you on the best networking apps for you.

Our top choice: Covve Networking App

Covve is a powerful networking tool for Android and iOS. While many networking apps offer just social networking features, Covve goes the extra mile to make your networking top-notch. This application syncs with your contact list and allows you to create robust networks and manage your relationships like never before. Covve crawls many new sites to find information about your contacts to help you understand what is happening within their industry. Therefore, when you are reaching out, you will know what to talk about. When you make calls, you have an option to add notes so that you don’t struggle to remember your discussion the next time you communicate. Again, you can set reminders and get personalized weekly call schedules to avoid losing touch with your contacts.



LinkedIn is a popular yet useful networking platform leveraged by millions of people worldwide. Of all the social networking platforms, LinkedIn is naturally considered the best in striking official networking deals. The bright side of LinkedIn is that it has an intuitive and straightforward interface. With a few clicks, you can seamlessly create your complete profile. Again, it has some features that allow users to restrict the content they receive and share business associates with other LinkedIn users. With the recent addition of analytic tools, you can easily find those following you and then evaluate and create connections.



Bizzabo is another digital networking platform worth mentioning. If you need to create and promote an event on a single platform, Bizzabo can be a good choice. The app also lets you schedule in-person meetings and reach out to everyone in the meeting. This increases your chances of getting a useful contact.


Facebook is a popular social platform. Its usage ballooned after its release and never showed signs of slowing down. With Facebook, people can network through posts, comments, and chats, among others. However, Facebook is more of a social networking platform than a business or career networking platform.


Final Thoughts

From this guide, it is easy to see that Covve is the best and the right networking tool for you. Check it out and you’ll thank us!

Download Covve for free on your iOS or Android device and transform your network after the pandemic.