How To Use An Address Book App To Grow Your Network During The Pandemic


How can someone grow their network during the Covid-19 pandemic when all work events, public gatherings, and almost all other social events have been canceled?

Well, the Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted all industries, our day-to-day activities, including how we network. The problem now is how one can interact with clients or prospects without having to meet physically. It is simple. All you need a personal CRM that can help you stay afloat! The easiest way to do that is through a smart address book app that can manage all your contacts and allow you to interact and maintain relationships with your clients. This article introduces you to three of the best address book apps that can help you during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Covve – Smart Address Book app

The simplest way to manage your contacts during the Covid-19 Pandemic is by using the Covve address book app. This intelligent address book allows you to manage your contacts by adding notes, tags, and labels so you never forget all the important details around a contact. You can also set reminders so you remember to follow up and stay in touch. Covve will also scan the web and notify you of news affecting your contacts, so you stay on top of your game with minimum effort.

Moreover, the app allows you to create your own custom digital business card and share it at the tap of a button. This is a great way to maintain and grow your network during this pandemic. Have that virtual meeting, and remember to follow up with your digital business card so you can stay in touch.

Covve understands the need for digitizing contacts and sharing them online during this complicated time and moving forwards (digital is the future, after all). That is why it also includes the ability to scan your old paper business cards and automatically adds them to your contacts.

Cloze Relationship Management App

Cloze Address Book app is another reliable app that enables you to manage your contacts and grow your network. It allows you to add contacts, add notes to them and set reminders so that you can never miss out on that important call.

Moreover, it keeps you organized since you can frequently manage all your contacts on its unified platform and often back up your contacts. You can always restore your contacts so you never lose them, as well. Additionally, the Cloze app is built with an email management feature that allows you to create, manage, and merge mails.

CircleBack App

CircleBack is also an address book app that enables you to grow your network during the pandemic. It can capture contacts from the Email signature of the people you email and adds them to your contact list!

The email signature ensures that you have the phone numbers of your contacts on your phone. All you need to do is link it with Outlook, Exchange, Gmail, Google Apps, or your Microsoft Account Suite. With CirceBack, you can modify your contact names, add emails, job titles, and company. You can also add contacts manually or even scan business cards.


At this point, it is clear that when you have the right address book app, you can easily manage and grow your network, even during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Covve stands out as the best address book since it has so many features that stand out, and you can get it for free on iOS and Android.

Download Covve for Android and iOS now and grow your network effortlessly.


Written on 26 Feb 2021.

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