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How to Tell If You Have Been Blocked on Whatsapp

Have you been trying communicate with a contact via WhatsApp without success? Are you beginning to wonder why you can’t see any updates from that contact anymore? It is quite possible that the contact in question decided to block you! Before you draw any conclusions, it is best to know for sure what the situation is. 

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How Do I Transfer Viber to a New Phone?

  Since the launch of Viber, the instant messaging App has continued to grow. Many people now depend on Viber to communicate with their family and friends, colleagues and clients. A lot of data transfer between users happens often on this platform.

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How to Restore your Viber Contacts

  Viber allows you to text and call friends, family and colleagues for free. Imagine how painful it’d be to lose all the contacts that you have saved over time. If this happens, it’s likely you’d want to have your lost contacts restored. 

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