What Digital Tools are Significant in Business Entrepreneurship?

Digital tools have made it easier for small and big businesses  to thrive. For your day-to-day activities, you will need specific digital tools to help your business stay afloat, enable you to communicate efficiently with your customers, and help your business grow. As you are well aware, starting a business is not easy, and you […]

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Are NFC Cards Worth it?

With the entry of NFC cards into the business cards arena, many people wonder whether NFC cards are worth it or not. The design and technology used in NFC cards are superior to preexisting business card technologies. With several companies still using the traditional regular paper business cards, they are now caught in a catch […]

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How To Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone 13

If you have recently migrated from Android to iOS, you might need to transfer your contacts from the old phone. Unfortunately, moving your contacts might not be a straightforward process. You might feel stuck and wonder how to extract your contacts from your old phone to the new one without manually saving each contact. This […]

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How To Be a Successful Salesperson In 2022

It takes more than just acquiring the necessary skills to become a good salesperson. You need to put those skills into practice to boost sales and become successful. Admirable qualities in a salesperson include friendliness, resilience, hard work, and reliability. You shouldn’t get discouraged in the face of adversities, and be sure to pay attention […]

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Why does your company need NFC business cards?

Companies are investing in different technologies to connect and network target audiences, especially when everyone is trying to obbey social distancing regulations. One way of doing that is through the NFC business cards. Many companies are pulling down the old regular paper cards and switching to modern NFC technology. However, several companies are stuck wondering […]

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Best Free Apps for Entrepreneurs

Every entrepreneur can relate to how taxing it can be to figure out how to grow the business and keep it afloat. It becomes difficult trying to juggle essential tasks such as time management and processing of payments. Developers have come up with many new applications to release entrepreneurs to focus on more critical studies. […]

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Best Free Small Business CRM Tools

Customer relationship management (CRM) is vital in organizational departments such as marketing, customer service and sales. Features of a good CRM tool include flexibility, user-friendliness, low cost, quick and constant customer support, and a robust mobile component since a large percentage of the population prefer to use their mobile phones. As a small business owner, […]

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Which relationship management software should you use?

Managing customer relationships is becoming a top priority for any business seeking to expand its client base and retain customers. The problem is that collecting and evaluating customer interactions from multiple points can be difficult if you don’t have the right tools. This is where a top customer relationship management software comes in handy! It […]

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How To Import Contacts from Simcard Apple 12 mini/iPhone 13 (IOS 14)

There are several reasons why you may want to import contacts from your sim card to your iPhone 12 mini or iPhone 13. You may have upgraded from an Android device to store contacts on the SIM card and now transfer your contacts to your iPhone device. It is important to note that your iPhone […]

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How to Transfer Contacts on iPhone 13 mini / iPhone 13 Pro

When you get a new iPhone, you do not want to lose the contacts of your friends, family, and other people that make your life complete. Luckily, there are seamless ways to transfer data and contact details from your older iPhone to the new one. We’ll get to some of the quickest and easiest ways […]

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